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Anyone use this stuff regularly? Results ect? I’ve tried a few packets before a workout and can say that I notice the “effects” VPX claims ie. shivers followed by feelings of warmth, decent energy.

don’t they claim that the ‘shivers’ actually burn fat. blink

I believe they do. I was wondering if these shivers are a result of the cyclic amp that is in the product. However, if I recall correctly, that particular substance should be pretty much useless when taken orally. Perhaps the delivery system that VPS uses is what makes the difference? BTW I tend to use only half a packet pre-workout. A whole packett made me feel kinda whacked. Sort of like that over anxious feeling from too much stimulants.

I used this stuff for one month, with one 5cc dosage before workouts or cardio. I don’t think it works. I just made me a little anxious and gave me a headache. It’s a bunch of crap. Have you tried Hot-Rox?

Yeah, not terribly impressed.