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Redkat info

I’ve been looking all over (searched forums and t-mag) for info on Redkat and basically can’t find a thing other than the sort-of advertising blurb for it in the t-store.

Has anyone who’s used it here got impressions to share? I wish t-mag would post an article about it or something so we could get a better idea of what it is exactly – the articles on mag10, hotrox, surge, etc. have all been great.

Anyway, please post info on it if you’ve got any because I’m extremely interested in it but dont have the budget to experiment right now.

Make sure you’ve read the RED-KAT

I agree.

Where’s the “Behind the Scenes” article we usually get?

I’m hoping that there will be a new paper mag soon, and it will include an updated article on Biotest supplements and how to stack them. Maybe then they will have something more comprehensive on Red Kat.