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Redistribute GPA! Fox News Report


Thoughts? Thought it was interesting, but, I feel like this is only one perspective for the dilemma at hand. While I would agree with the basic premise of "they didn't work for it, why give them a boost at all?" attitude presented here, isn't there a time and place for when we need to put aside differences and work together?

I've lurked on the PWI threads for some time while signed in and while signed off, and I've read many many pages of these debates. I'm admittedly completely out of the know in terms of politics (sorry, I've been focusing on finishing my DPT and olympic weightlifting endeavors), and just want to clarify that before somebody inevitably points it out.

I understand the premise of the argument here. I've worked every year of my life since I was 14, worked every semester of college at 8 different jobs (6 years straight, summer school every year. Not fun at all), and would say I've done the best with what I've been handed to get where I am.

Recently though, I've suffered a spondylolysis that has severely reduced my physical capabilities. Bone scan and MRI reports are pending and about to be read in a couple days, hopefully I won't need a brace, and hopefully it isn't progressing towards a spondylisthesis. It sucks.

But I'm left wondering whether or not if I would be deemed "Competent" with this mentality of "I work hard, you aren't working, what's the incentive for me to help you out?". If I were 40 years old and working in the clinic, I would be screwed. How would this factor into things if I were kicked out of the work force? Would I be considered someone that doesn't work for a living if this happened? Would the proposed system that follows the, "I worked hard for it, why share with you?" mentality help me out? How would this be judged to prove that I've worked hard enough to expect some sort of aid?

I understand this begs the question, "So you feel that you're entitled to benefits because you work?". In a way, yes and no. I don't know if I would go so far as to say I expect THIS EXACT amount of compensation. I would say that I would find it highly inappropriate and stupid if I were told to deal with it on my own. Maybe this is deemed a unique scenario, but I would prefer to hear an opinion.

Just looking for an opinion, I'm not looking to debate a right vs. wrong answer here. This isn't a troll attempt, so if I don't respond until later tonight I apologize. I've got plenty of shit to review right now.


IMHO grades and wealth are NOT comparable! I did read the article but I don't agree with the opinions shrug

Wealth can be amassed many different ways and in different levels. Grades do not equal, not even close.

As for your personal case, the current system is there to help those who are injured and cannot work. Right now people, too many people are abusing the system and that will cripple and break the system. At least that would be my opinion. If I were in your shoes, find your niche and then you can provide to society and therefore get paid for services. I hope that medicine can and will help you in the future. I hope nothing but the best for you and your future!

A side note - Our government is paying for embryonic stem cell research which has saved ZERO lives. While adult stem cell therapy has saved thousands of lives and is ale to cure seventy two diseases. Why would we fund a research that goes no where? Oh, that's right! The current leader of the free world has 'vision'!



Just for you KD, because I care :slight_smile:


That weightlifting shit is no goddamn good for anyone.

Lift light weights slow and really concentrate!