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Rediject Primo Into Sterile 10mL Vial?


I have posted this on another forum but wouldnt mind getting opinions from in here too.

I have primoteston rediject now for TRT, however I dont want to inject 250mg once a week, I want to stick with 100mg, 2x a week.

I have transferred straight from the rediject into sterile vials I got off ebay.

I was just looking at the ingredients in primoteston and there is no BA, only castor oil, test and benzyl benzoate. So there is nothing in there to help keep it sterile, I have read a few people doing it the way I have done but I am now concerned about keeping the oil and contents sterile, as I would hate to give myself an infection.

Any one have any experience or comments on this?

Should I buy some BA and add it in to my vial? If I did this would it mix easily or would I have to heat the vial up?

Would using some .2 filters while drawing up be a good measure to take?

I was thinking because the test is coming from a sterile environment, the next time I transfer to a sterile vial, I could just add an additional 2% BA to it and that would keep bacteria from growing?

Any tips would be appreciated.


BA is typically 0.9%

Just load into your sterile syringes and set aside… but that is a back fill and not a very sterile procedure.


The lack of sterility of backloading syringes is what I am worried about.

I know other guys on here do it and have not had any issues, but Im a bit ocd so it does concern me.


Hey OP I just wanted to ask how you’ve gone with this? I’ve had the same issue (Australia). Can you recommend a supplier of sterile Coles suitable for this purpose? There are none where I live and I’m not sure how trustworthy online sellers are.

I would think if injecting straight from the sterile redirect into the sterile vial it would stay sterile without the need for BA?