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Redicat - Offline?


Hi guys. I am back in the game and getting ready for my 1 cycle.. But I wanted to ask something about redicat- is it my browser or is the site offline because I cant enter the site?
thnx in advance.


He's gone.


Looks like there's something wrong with the site itself. I tried with both Windows and Linux.


I like to think he's kicked back in the sun with a cold drink, doing some deep-sea fishing, with a smile...


or he's really drunk out with girls and having a laugh...


Like the winner of the "Running Man" game?


Madly dancing Cat having a ball and thumbing his nose at the haters?...I like that image too! Hah! Here's to El Gato, a drink and cigar in his honor!. God bless his pointy lil' head, he is already very much respected & missed...

BTW, if you dig cool cats, go here:


Great analogy C'man! Heheheh!...
Idea grande, il mio amico! E molto come la vita reale! Il gatto ha uscito al giusto momento di mantenere dai problemi legali!...


Aww! I miss Redicat!



Alright. I can't stand it any longer. Who in the hell is Redicat? And why all of the affection?


The Cat was the standard for paper orals for sure. All of the paper sources that I have used previously are out of the game. Hopefully someone will be able to fill the void left behind.


Thanks, ToneBone, for the quick and informative response.


God knows who will fill the Cat's shoes.


When is the last time you tried to access the website? If we are thinking of the same site, they are out as well.


I've heard all paper producers are gone for one reason or another. If anyone knows differently I'd appreciate a heads up. I don't use paper products, but it's good to know the current state of things.


I stand corrected, the site is still up and running. I swore that earlier it was down. My bad.


I doesn't matter he retired right after the raw deal thing went down.

There are other sources out there that sell paper.