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Redefining Dad Bod (JMaier31)



I think the answer to this question lies in how you value the movement and it’s purpose, right? I wouldn’t call it cheating, but it’d become something slightly different than ‘Press’ if that makes sense.


Awesome looking decal man!

Bench is beast mode. New form helping the shoulder still? My shoulder is getting more and more cleaned up the more I used this bench technique and now that I figured out to lower my landing zone there is zero impingement. Loving the Dave Tate style bench…

OHP…I agree with @mr.v3lv3t. It’s your lift. Let it work for you, and assist your movement patterns. Simmons said they do very steep incline work. So strict press, steep incline, push press all helping develop the shoulders and keeping them healthy.




Funny thing. My shoulder hurts most of the day but rarely when I’m lifting. I learned a way to adjust/pop my shoulder from my chiropractor and it’s almost always a little out of place.

I don’t think there’s anything to help overcome the mechanical disadvantage of OHP other than doing OHP. The first 6-8" are the worst and it’s hardest on the first rep. Right now rep #1 is harder than #3.


I do the same thing with OHP. Instead of setting the bar higher, I just do a semi-push press on my first rep. It achieves the same result.

And for the record, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with utilizing your stretch reflex. Your tendons and ligaments are just as important for lifting weights as your muscles are, so there’s no point in purposefully removing them from the movement, especially if you’re training high reps. Side note: IIRC, the stretch reflex lasts for longer than some people think–I think it lasts several seconds. So people who say “you’re abusing your stretch reflex therefore you are cheating” also probably don’t know how a stretch reflex works. You wanna wait 10 seconds between each rep? I don’t.



Woke at 242+ lbs this morning. I’m also a bottomless pit today… It’s 1256 and I’m about to eat my second lunch consisting of steak and rice. It’s also rest day so I won’t be training. I hesitate to eat all my food so early in the day since I’m not training but I’m also hungry. I usually feed my body when I feel like this since I’m on a bulking journey. But now that I’m 240 I’m beginning to hesitate LOL!


For OHP when the weights get heavy I kind of cheat. Let the bar be just under the chin, let the bar dip down to collar bone and get a stretch reflex that way.


Deadlift is the only lift where the stretch reflex isn’t used and even on that we all cheat. The quick straightening of the legs prior to the pull is done to generate a stretch reflex. I don’t see why OHP has to be any different. I think I’ll have to cheat a little to get a true 1RM. Otherwise, if I can get it off my collar bone for 1 rep then I’ll probably be able to get 2 reps using the stretch reflex on the second one.

But I guess there’s nothing wrong with going for a 2RM or 3RM in lieu of a 1RM.


You’re really making me want to go on a big bulk. I’ve been climbing in weight super slowly but 250 really is big as shit, and your videos and progress are showing it.


I’m not sure what your current weight is but bodyweight stuff is a lot harder at this weight :smile:

I’m trying to get a physique like @littlesleeper but I’m a bit taller so I have to gain a lot more weight to look like a larger scale model of him.


At the gym today I was 220 again, I had dropped to 210 in a deficit, it’s been about a pound a week gain.


:heart: Warm fuzzies. :smile:


It occurred to me tonight as I was having my second Corona Light that I screwed up my training week. I’m working security for our independent pro baseball team and the season starts this week. My first game is tomorrow and I have to be there an hour after I get off work.

I won’t have time to train. I probably should’ve lifted tonight but I forgot and my legs aren’t ready. They’re still sore from my slog on Tuesday. I guess I’ll be pushing it back to Saturday which means I won’t be ready for Monday’s workout. I’ll have to do that one of Tuesday.

Friday is supposed to be 3 x 3 on legs and Monday is the same workout with 5 x 3. There’s no way I can (or want to) do that with only one day in between. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back on track by the end of next week.


If you want a true 1 RM, as soon as you unrack the bar use the momentum and start pressing whilst walking backwards like you’d normally set upvto start the press and grind. Probably not the safest thing though.


Hey Big J

Just push the days 1 or 2 day ahead. thursday will be saturday and monday, friday sunday and so on.

Or if you would like to keep the scheduled days put them one day forward,

Does it make sense?


I know I can adjust my week but it irritates me. I try not to take two days off in a row. I also make sure that I do my two longer workouts on my days off. The 5 x 3 leg day takes a bit out of me so it’s ideal to have a full day of rest before I do 5 x 3 on upper body. I’ll have to do them on back to back days next week.


Not “cheating” and you’ll certainly get that stretch reflex on reps 2 onward. The dead stop is great and keeps the weight lighter as well, so you can get more volume, and less injury. You could also start with a push press first rep.


I know how this feels but with three small kids, work and family life. I am just happy if I can get 2 workout sessions in a week. Sometimes they are 6 days apart but that’s just lhow it goes. I know I would progress a little quicker with a more consistent workout schedule but it’s not like this is a race.


I have a very type A personality. Structure and order rule me!

I looked at my schedule last night and I have baseball games to work next Friday and Saturday as well. I’ll work 0700-1700 and then have to be at the field at 1800 for the game. I’m only working eight games and one concert for the summer.

I realized that next week is messed up too! I’ll do legs today, upper body tomorrow, rest Monday, legs Tuesday (higher volume day), upper body Wednesday (higher volume day), and then I run into problems. I’ll be back on track by Wednesday but there’s no time to do legs again on Friday (or Saturday).

In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter too much, but I’ve structured my program based on my work schedule. All of my big/long workouts are supposed to be on my days off (usually Monday and Wednesday). Next week everything will carry over to the following week and I’ll probably finish this program a week later than planned. -sigh-

It’s a good thing I make $40/hr while working these baseball games or I might be upset instead of just slightly annoyed :smiley:



Woke at 239.1 lbs. I definitely didn’t eat enough yesterday and I think I was dehydrated when I woke up. I wasn’t able to drink as much water as I would’ve liked last night. I went to bed hungry and thirsty.

I’m only working a half day today so hopefully I’ll get my leg session in after work. Tonight is my dad’s surprise birthday party for his 60th birthday. I took off early to help my mom set up.

I’m definitely not feeling 100% today. Hopefully I can hit all my reps.