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Redefining Dad Bod (JMaier31)



Those 15/10’s are brutal hey hahaha


I only needed one set!



Woke at 245.6 lbs.

I had my doctor’s appointment this morning. He wants to give me an injection of a potent anti-inflammatory. They took x-rays and said it looks good. He moved my leg around and it was clear that it did not feel good. The x-ray showed an H O bone growth. I Googled that for you all and here’s the definition:

" The term heterotopic ossification ( HO ) describes bone formation at an abnormal anatomical site, usually in soft tissue."

He said when they shaved the bone down its possible it got caught up in the soft tissue nearby. It’s normal and usually not a problem.

For now we’re hoping it’s inflammation since I had immediate onset during those front squats back on July 3rd.

If the injection doesn’t work then we’ll try a different site. It could be the hip joint or the psoas tendon. We’re starting with the joint.

If those fail then it could be that HO formation and he could remove it.

Lastly, and worst case scenario, the cartilage on the head of my femur is degrading.

Today’s Training


2 lap warm up
Run 1 lap in 60 sec
Rest 2 MIN
Repeat for 6 total laps
Times: 59, 59, 59, 61, 58, 58

This worked out well. I forgot my watch that actually has the timer so I planned on just doing the math on the chrono. My first lap took 59 sec so I decided to just do E3MOM.


SLDLS > RDLs for hams. Alllll day.


I’m not a fan of rounding my back or straightening my knees. I have enough injuries.

On a somewhat different note, I find myself wanting to go back to my old bro split and do some bodybuilding stuff.


It’s the program that gave me the lifting bug 16 years ago. It might be a bro split but it’s the same frequency that I’m doing now.


SLDLs shouldn’t involve a rounded back, and you can have a slight bend in your knees - only difference is RDL is all about the hip hinge and SLDL is just bending over. Very similar but totally ham dominant and tends to feel better on my hips.

And I support your bro split as a current bro splitter! Even though I know yours will involve heavier weights.


I’m not going for it yet but it’s bouncing around in my head. I’d like to see some upper body growth as I gain weight and I don’t think I’m actually doing much volume. I’m only doing 64 reps per week on fly’s and OHP. That’s not much compared to what I used to do and the reps drop to 40 per week next phase.

It’s tempting to modify what I’m doing… :thinking:


Just add in heaps of push ups through the week.


Those hurt! I might be stuck with different angles of fly’s for now.



Woke at 243.2 lbs. I felt like I ate a lot yesterday but I guess not. I was only 246 at bed time. I even drank a little more than half a bottle of red wine last night (1.75L size).

Today is my daughter’s first day of kindergarten. It’s just my son and me in the house on my days off now. It’s strange.

Upper body and no running today. I love and need Wednesday’s workouts. I’m hurting from the last two days.


Doing the 100-200m runs are great for overall conditioning - I get those in once a week (or try to travel permitting) and then I find shorter sprints (say 10-15 x 20-40m) running all out to bring better overall results for lifting and more carryover for recreational sports, but would also assume for running for work it would provide better utility.


I found a research article in the Tactical Strength and Conditioning quarterly report a while back and it showed the difference in performance when adding a 20 lb diving belt. I have no idea why they used a diving belt, but they did. They tested police recruits in sprints, vertical, etc and obviously everyone did worse with the added weight. One of the stats I remember best is that in the first five steps of a sprint they covered like three feet more ground without the belt. That means that if I race myself then the version of me that’s not in a police uniform is already three feet ahead after five steps. The way I view this is that if I don’t catch someone in the first few feet then they’re going to smoke me in a foot race. I don’t need to be able to run far; I just need to be fast for a short distance.


The 3 feet in 5 steps for 20# sounds a little extreme for a stronger athlete - but could see about 3-4” per step (so 1.5’) but longer ground contact as well.

Regardless, the first 10 steps I think are the big thing!


What’s in a name? It’s the same thing as having Legs, Push, Pull or Squat + accessory, Bench + accessory, Deadlift + accessory.
Although I am definitely the ADHD do whatever guy, so my opinion probably isn’t real reliable.


Consider trying to rehab your shoulder WITH pressing.

Start very light. i.e. 10lb DBs. Do sets of 20 every time you go to the gym. Start neutral, to keep externally rotated. Do flat one day, incline the next and vary the angles within.

This will help you mentally as well. You’re getting SOME volume in.

Very gradually increase the load. Maybe 5lbs per DB per week.

This has worked for me several times with terrible shoulder pain. I think youd be happy with the overall results.


This sounds like a good idea. I actually played around on the cables today and I could do cable press without any pain. The fact that I feel pain during cable curls makes me wonder if this isn’t a product of neglect instead of overuse. I quit curling back in March. Maybe I need to use the angry part of my body so it gets some blood flow and nutrients. I’ll likely take your advice and try something this weekend.

Are you referring to the bro split comment? As in, who cares what it’s called because you’re putting in work?

I think I’m going to split what I’m doing now and add a tiny bit more volume. Instead of four days a week I’ll be changing to six days a week. The only real difference here is that I’ll be trying to squeeze in more workouts at work. Sometimes that stresses me out but we’ll see how it goes. I can always go before or after work. Lifting early won’t bother me if it’s back or chest but I won’t do squats or deads early anymore.

I’m just looking forward to dedicated days again. It’s nice to focus on one major muscle group and just punish it.




Abduction 145 x 10 ea x 2 sets
Adduction 175 x 10 ea x 2 sets
Flexion 115 x 10 ea x 2 sets

45 x 10
115 x 8, 8, 8, 8, 7
I had to increase the rest as I went because I started to fade.

115 x 8
170 x 8 x 5 sets

170 x 8 x 3 sets

50 x 8
60 x 8
60 x 8
50 x 8
40 x 8
Pain free and I played around with some partial reps at the end of the first and last set but didn’t count them. I can also do a cable incline press pain free.

180 x 8 x 5 sets
This was 10 lbs heavier than scheduled but the stack goes in 20 lb increments and I didn’t feel like messing with it. I just used a bit more body English to start each rep.


Exactly! It’s funny, because I’m going through what you are but the opposite way I think (as you know from helping me out in my own log. Like I can get all my work in for the week, but I feel like I have to do all my chest stuff on “chest day” rather than do what’s convenient based on where I’m at.

Good luck with it! I go back and forth between wanting to do more and have fewer days, or have shorter days but more of them. I’m starting to feel like 4 weeks is my max before I don’t like what I’m doing whatever it is. Maybe 6 if I’m really pushing it. I think your mentality is similar, so I feel your pain.


Well, here’s the new plan. I’m keeping the SGSS stuff, but I split it up as I stated above. I also copied the three sets, then five sets protocol laid out by SGSS. We’ll see how that goes. As with most of my programs, this is subject to change any time I want.


2 minutes of leg press? Jesus dude.