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Red vs. Blue Movie


Has anyone else seen this?? My buddy gave me seasons 1-3 and it's f'ing hilarious...especially if you play any Halo.


Yeah, I've seen it. It really is funny.


I stopped watching after the second season ended, but I have 1&2 on DVD. The original shorts online were better because the characters would still be talking after the credits ended.

Anyway, yeah it is effin hilarious. This series was my jam like 5 years ago. I still want to buy a Caboose shirt.



I freakin' love it. My favorite, though, still remains an independent short done called "Real life vs. the Internet". Holy. Cow.

Grif: Crap... we're gettin' a rookie.

Sarge: That's right, dead-man! Our new recruit will be here within the week. But today, we receive the first part of our shipment from Command. (Sarge turns around)Lopez... Bring up the vehicle.

[Lopez drives up in a new jeep]

Simmons: Shotgun.

Grif: Shotgun... Fuck!

Sarge: May I introduce, our new Light-Reconnaissance vehicle. (Rotating around the new jeep) It has 4-inch Armour Plating; Mag... Bumper Suspension; a mounted machine gunner position, and total seating for three. Gentlemen! This is the M12 LRV! I like to call it the "Warthog".

Simmons: Why "Warthog," Sir?

Sarge: Because 'M12 LRV' is too hard to say in conversation, son.

Grif: No, but, why "Warthog"? I mean, it doesn't look like a pig...

Sarge: Say that again?

Grif: I think it looks more like a 'Puma'.

Sarge: What in Sam Hell is a 'Puma'?

Simmons: Uh... You mean like the Shoe Company?

Grif: No! Like a 'Puma'! It's a big cat, like a lion.

Sarge: You're making that up!

Grif: I'm telling you, it's a real animal!

Sarge: Simmons! I want you to poison Grif's next meal!

Simmons: Yes, Sir!

Sarge: Look, see these two tow hooks? They look like tusks. And what kind of animal has tusks?

Grif: ...A walrus.

Sarge: Didn't I just tell you to stop making up animals?
Sarge: Hey, Simmons, what's the name of that Mexican lizard? Eats all the goats?

Simmons: That would be the chupacabra sir!

Sarge: Yeah, Chupathingy, how bout that? I like it, it's got a ring to it...