Red Swollen Spot after Sub Q Injection

What’s up guys new to the site doing TRT sub Q in the belly for about eight months. First time red swollen spot. Still there after three days. Should I be concerned see a doctor.

Is it the radius growing, any pustule? Have your tried apply a cold compress a couple times a day?

There’s nothing you can do about nodules from sub Q injection, except not inject sub Q. If the spot is burning, feels hot, then it’s infected and I would seek out a doctor.

good info Thanks

This generally is par for the course with subQ oils. I have completely stayed away from the abdomen with test because of it. Anterior thigh rips for me are about 50/50 whether I’ll get what you describe. Tends to dissipate after 3-4 days, occasionally a couple days longer. Prefer shallow IM with slins during trt/cruise periods.