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Red Spots On Leg When Doing Cleans


I got these wierd red spots on both of my legs right where i make contact with the bar when doing cleans. I think they even bled at some point since i saw a bit of blood on my pants at that spot. I dont usually give a fk about these kind if things but it burns a little bit like sun burns especially when i shower with hot water.If anyone knows wtf they are and if i should fix something in my cleans pls tell me.


It’s just scraping of the skin. It’s no different than falling down and getting road rash.

Wear longer shorts. It helps but you still might bruise a bit.


Yep, normal. Lifting singlet, bicycle shorts, or sweat pants.


Is it painful during your workout?


I don’t want to be mean, but this is the complaint as I understand it.

I’m hitting myself in the shins with a metal bar. This seems to hurt and cause some damage to my shin. What’s going on?