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It was great to see the Red Sox go down in 3 at their own stadium. Now all we need is the Angels to eliminate the Yankees and the world will be a much better place..


Yankees are soon to follow...


To hell with that. I am a real fan of a real team, not some douche bag that came out of the wood works because a team finally won something after 86 years. People can say what they want, I say the yankees will win, even if it 10 nothing in favor of the other team, with one out to go.

Although, it was nice to see the Sox out. They win one friggin world series and every starts talking shit. Even this year, they were still going on about being the best team in baseball. The boston globe is full of those fuckers. I respect the dudes that were fans the whole time and didn't talk shit about their own team but these retards that just became fans need to be hung and shot.


Personally, the Sox losing is what got me back into baseball. The Sox that I know and love don't win world series! Dammit, the Sox that I know have players like Carl Everett and bad managers that makes me want to love them and believe in them oh so much, just so I can say "Dude, this year, they've got it" and know deep down in my heart that they don't have it.

Bring back the curse!


hahaha ! dude now you have to be a skanks fan ! the curse of puffy mcblowlips is in full force. they will not win until he is gone !!! hahaha!


instead of calling it a curse why dont we just call it what it was--inferiority...and keep making yourself feel better thinking the yankees are somehow "cursed" now..


haha ! you spankees are looking good dealing with the curse of the inferior puffy mcblowlips ! hahaha ! next year try spending your money on somebody that can hit will ya ? hahaha!
btw the red sox are still world champs till the end of this year's series and you frickn spanks are um....not.


hahaha. The Yanks are in the same boat now, so the fans will shut the hell up for the offseason. You're only as good as your last world series...and ours was last year. I bet Steinbrenner is crying right now jerking off to clips of the 96' series.


No, we aren't in the same boat. There are no queers in our boat.
Steinbrenner may be doing that, and its ok, the Yankees had a good run to make the playoffs, while you will be jacking off for 86 more years to last year's series. Betterget use to losing again.


So I take it you were a Yankees fan before 1996? Because otherwise there's no difference at all.

/Has lived and died with the Red Sox since 1986 and hates the bandwagoning idiots in both camps


As stated in a previous post, YES. Since I was a small kid I watched them with my Gram. I am sick of the bandwagon bitches. Now I will start seeing white sox hats and Astros hats. Bitches.

I also stated that I respect long time sox fans....not these new bastards because as soon as something goes wrong, such as losing, they start talking smack about their team, even against the guys that carried the team. Its sickening.


Total agreement here. I feel the same way about Yankees fans dogging A-Rod. Morons.


A lot of those guys dog everyone that does bad. Makes it hard to be a yankee somtimes. Takes some balls to go out there.

Anyways, The red sox stuff I say is geared towrds the dudes that just jumped on the bandwagon, rant and raved and then dissed their own team.


what's gonna sicken you chief is if you spanks aren't talking some serious frickn smack about mr. clutch gayrod's stellar mvp performance aginst laa and how the frick you're gonna dump his llgqa (lamelatingqass) so jeter can get himself another penis ring. the curse of puffy mcblowlips lives ! have a nice next six years :slight_smile: !


I think what you posted was about the gayest thing I have ever read.


And if that is true, then 6 is better than 86.


I'm glad to see them both gone. This should be an exciting post season with new, hungry teams. I'm most happy about the bandwagon fans (both Yankee and Sox)that invaded our stadiums this Summer posing as long time fans, when they lived in the Michigan suburbs most their lifes, that now need a new team to cheer for.


I hate those bitches. Its like those bastards that come out with a new fitness gimmick to make money.


At least you're from New york and a valid fan. Last night sucked for the real Yankee fan. We have a lot of bandwagoners here that need a life.