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Red Sox


boston fans can take comfort in the fact that when they lose,millar and company can have more time for their queer eye for the straight guy sequel
F*** boston


Don't get me wrong, I certinly did root for the Red Sox last season because I was tired of seeing the Yanks win. But then this movie came out called Fever Pitch. It stared Jimmy Fallen (thats right folks the man who single handly ruined Saturday Night Live). Now...SCREW BOSTON!


Fuck off. Red Sox Nation lives. They'll get in tommorow. Go Boston!


hahaha how's getting your brain pushed around by a couple of shitty tv shows and a shitty movie treatin' ya ? hahaha


FYI, Jimmy Fallon is a Yankees fan; it's why I've been boycotting the movie since it came out.


Get the hell out of here. That is sacrilige. I never wanted to see it, but now I never want to see it even more


The Red Sox suck and so do the fans. I have never been more annoyed by any other team's fans. What a bunch of tools.