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frickn amazing we’re sitting on top at the break what with the pitching situation. frickn amazing superhero offence is what it is. good grief how can you pitch to ortiz ramirez ?? manny just hit his 20th grand slam . all time record is the iron horse w/ 23. anyway what to do with foulke ? they just gonna chill him on the dl for 2 weeks ? does anyone really see schilling working outta the bullpen past july like they’re saying ? guardado ? wagner ?

sox rule.

It’ll be Timlin for a bit. Foulke will be back, he’s been playing with some pain the past few weeks. He’ll be alright.

Schilling’s not quite there yet, if they did use him to close he would be much like Smoltz was for Atlanta when he closed, dominant! But honestly, I would want it to be temporary. Schilling is still one of the top 5 starters in the league, when his stamina starts to wane is when I see him moving to a closer roll. When that happens watch out. Same thing with Randy Johnson. Can you imagine how scary they would be if they only had to pitch 1 or 2 innings? I shudder to think…


she-it. i figured there’d be a few more sox fans out there since we’re filling up every frickn park from arlington to baltimore ??.. oh well…

…btw is hazel mae the hottest chick ever on tv or what ? thank you nesn !