Red Sox Fan Pizza Toss

I hope he likes pizza.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA. That shits funny.

Slow-mo always helps.

I wonder what happened to incite the tossing but having spent 4 years in Mass this doesn’t surprise me one bit. Also, who gets pizza at a baseball game and actually eats it in their seats?

Was he pissed because the fan blocked the player from catching the ball? Either way, there should be a fine involved for hurting the innocent pizza… RIP!!!

Typical Boston Red Socks fan = no class

Full Article with details:

The pizza guy saw that foul ball guy sacrificed a large amount of beer for a ball and had to make his impression felt.

When they tore the real Garden down you knew the next atrocity was going to be people spilling their beers.

[quote]Pauliewalnuts wrote:
Full Article with details:[/quote]

“Your mother!”

LMFAO, classic!

[quote]Pauliewalnuts wrote:
Full Article with details:[/quote]

Im glad that article cleared it up. I was left figuring that he threw the pizza just because he was in the heat of the moment. “Hey,theres a foul ball, might as well throw a piece of pizza.”

I think his accuracy is to be commended, I mean I have never tried to throw a slice of pizza at anything other than my mouth and this guy DRILLED a head shot from a good 8-10 feet away.

Here I was hoping they were tossing Red Sox fans to get pizza.

the announcers are great! lmfao!

Dude this is freaking hilarious. What I notice is that the baseball player knew that some fan would get in the way so he drove his arm to spill their beer.

The fan made a big sacrifice throwing a hot, fresh, cheesy pizza since they are pretty expensive. Man, I’m still laughing…lol


Smartest fans in baseball! God, I love Fenway! :slight_smile: