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Red Sox Blow


Okay, I am a native of boston and more of a fan of boston than any particular team. But I am a red sox fan, and this weekend was one of the most pathetic performances I have ever seen in any sporting event, period.

Reason #1- the Yankees hitting lineup is not that much better than boston's if it is better at all, I know these last 5 games showed different, but even so...

Reason #2- red sox and yankees pitching, should be at least dead even, and this was not even close in this series.

Reason #3- this is the most important. How can you strand so many fucking baserunners in 5 games. I have never seen so many runners stranded, they must have had the bases loaded with no outs 5 or 6 times over the weekend and probably scored 1 or 2 runs at most!

I am fucking disgusted. And I dont know why more baseball analysts havent noticed the fact that the red sox suck this year, how they even won as many games as they did is a miracle, mainly because of clutch hitting late in games that bailed these bunch of ass bags out.


You sound strangely like Bill Simmons.


The titls says it all




I'm not going to say that they don't, because I too am disgusted with their "performance".

However, do not forget that Varitek is injured, Nixon is injured, and there pitching is not what it should be at all.

Not only are there inexperienced kids pitching, but they don't even have Vtek calling the games...not too mention his .300 switch hitting batting average.

You can honestly tell that their captain is out.

The Yankmees are not as good as they looked, and those teams are not all that different. It will still come down to these two in late September, and the battle will commence again.

A bright spot was the sheer balls of Papelbon. This is a team that will be much better in the next couple years than we think it will....


Yeah, you really do have to keep in mind that the bullpen is full of a bunch of kids (Hansen, Delcarmen, Papelbon, Snyder). And that Timlin is coming off of an injury which probable is still nagging him.

But the previous poster said it: You can really tell we are missing Varitek. Without Varitek, the pitchers just don't have the same confidence, and in order for a pitcher to be effective he can't be second guessing the catcher.

As for the offense, while they did leave a lot of men on base, they also scored a decent amount of runs. I really don't think we should be worrying about our offense right now. We just have to wait for Varitek to get back, and for the young pitchers to mature a bit.

It's still possible to sneak into the postseason if we can string together some wins, but don't forget about all the injuries the Sox had to deal with this year.


Make sure Cressey sees this thread.


ugh... you guys know football is about to start, right?

You no longer need to suffer through watching such a horrific sport...


The Yankees are just putting it together at the right time. What I wouldnt give for them to have that 12 game winning streak they had in June and July right now. But, NY is just playing better at the moment.

Red Sox get swept by the ROYALS, get 2 of 3 taken from them by the Tigers, when very well could have taken 2 of 3 or chance of sweep and then the 5 game series. Very easily could have taken the series but the Yankees have been playing so much better that they just played like they have been the last few weeks whereas the Red Sox havent so its harder.

Just pitiful


Ahhhh. Perfect. I love this thread.


fuck the yankees , but yahh the sox are blowin sack rite now and it sucks to watch, at least we have wells back ?


I don't know, guys. I think Cressey is from Massachusetts and he might be a Red Sox fan.


Oh, I get it now. Ha-HA! :smiley:

As a Yankees fan, I just want to ask all the other posters who said that Boston is pretty close to the Yankees' level... what are y'all on?


At least Francona didn't get a punch in the nose when he took the ball from Boomer, a la Gibbons up in Toronto.

By the way, Thanks for sweet, sweet, Jhonny Damon !




A 5 game sweep...in Fenway...wicked aaaawsome.


Spoken - and spelled - like a true Yankees fan.

Yes, Varitek being out is killing them - but you can't blame the piss poor performance entirely on that.

I have a real problem with people calling WEEI and blaming Epstein for all of this because he didn't make a deal at the trade deadline. The truth is that there wasn't anyone out there who was worth giving up any of their stud prospects (all the pitchers listed above, although I would replace Snyder with Lester...and a stud 2B in the minors). You just can't mortgage the future every year.

This off-season, they'll let Loretta and possibly Nixon walk, and have all that young talent and Willy Mo locked in at lower contracts, allowing them to go after more big names on the free agent and trading market when the time is right.

I'm not ready to write this season off. Get Wakefield and Varitek back and then we'll see what happens.


I was driving home from the gym yesterday and the minivan in front of me had a bumper sticker proclaiming how clutch Big Papi is.

I got a good laugh at that one after this weekend.


Damn the Yankees only scored 9.8 runs per game, anyone willing to bet that the Jets average less than that this season?

Oh well, on the bright side for all of you Sox fans, maybe Ortiz can take his golf game to a new level this september.


Sure, but Oswalt is one of the best pitchers in the game, he might have been worth it.