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Red Skin on Cycle


I have noticed that some individuals when on AAS, there skin becomes red. Sometimes it is just the face other times it seems like there whole body is a little more red than normal. I was thinking it was an increase in blood pressure or red cell count, but i really have no idea.

What causes this?

Is this common when on gear?

Do certain types of anabolics cause this more than others?


A guy at work gets that EVERY time... and people think he's sunburned... lol


Blood Pressure.


I had this happen, not after my Test-C injection, but the next day a couple of hours after I took my first capsule of Anastrozole. I felt fine (not hot or anything) and my friend said "How did you get sunburned?" I went and looked in the mirror and my skin was flushed, reddish looking, and so was my chest and back.

I did some quick research on the web and that is a side effect some people get, it is harmless and goes away within hours and your body gets used to it and it does not recur every time you take a dose.

BTW for those of you who do not know, Anastrozole is used in a cycle to keep estrogen low (men naturally have some and it tends to go up when you take testosterone) so you do not develop gynocomastia


Pray tell..


I'm sorry?

Thanks for that.

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