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Red Shred Redemption (ChongLordUno)

I love a nice graph.

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Hey, I’m all for you doing what works for you. But in my mind, you’re running a POW camp. :joy;

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With your OMAD approach are you having any shakes or anything during the day? Like one solid meal per day, or legit fasting entirely apart from the one meal? Sorry if you stated it before and I missed it

Hard times create strong men :joy:

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No shakes mate. Not a drop.

Even if I was having a shake, I’d likely have it with my one meal.


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Jesus Christ. I did two weeks of one solid meal per day to round out the last Tnation challenge and hated it. Props to you. That’s some mental willpower

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Looks like you have a stronger upper body. Welcome to the club :’(

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Good to see you’re back! I’ll read your log after I lift.

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2 spin classes done back to back

Kept HR in Z3 for the most part.

Carrying a cold as well so basically could not be fucked.

Had a ‘feeder’ workout before hand to kill some time

Chest flyes 1 x 50
Lateral raises 3 x 24
Swiss ball crunches 3 x 15
Leg raises 3 x 8
Seated row 1 x 50
Tricep Pushdown 1 x 50
Bicep curl 1 x 50

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20 minute session before work this morning

Air dyne bike 2 mins
20 KB swings
Airdyne bike 2 mins
20 DB Shoulder presses

Rinse and repeat for 20 mins


Woke up at 6am on my day off :man_facepalming:

Sat twiddling my thumbs then told the missus I was going to head to ALDI to get some shopping done

Decided to take a detour to the gym😂

Hence the 29 minute workout.

Dad workouts mean that you just need to get by whenever the opportunity arises.

Remember the days when a 2 hour gym visit was the norm.


Aerobic bike session the day.

Had to skip the gym as my car broke down on the motorway

Don’t even want to talk about it :rage::rage::rage::rage:

Session on the bike followed by…


Quick one today.

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So that’s a regular meal for plenty of guys here ahah! No doubt you’ll lose weight

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Same for me at one point and then some🤦‍♂️

Yeah I’m stretching it ahah but I’ve been to like 1500 cals before so I can understand

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2 Mins rowing
20 KB Swing
2 Mins rowing
20 lat pulldowns

Rinse and repeat for 20 minutes

Had the week from hell so far.

Family drama and my car going tonto on the motorway. Think I might be down a couple of grand here.

Fucking life man🤦‍♂️

No OMAD today. Stress eating. Back on it tomorrow.


Quick one today before cycling