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Red River War

Just four days away until my Superbowl, Oklahoma Vs. Texas! I can’t wait for this!

Growing up in Oklahoma, *this* is the biggest game of the year.

Predictions...I don't know. Both teams have looked mediocre at times. If I were to give either team an edge, it would be OU. Simply because they have been down in two games this year and found a way to win (Bama and Mizzou). On the other, OU has won the last two games and to beat Texas for a third straight time would be quite an accomplishment.

Should be a great game no matter what. If your a college footbal fan, watch this game. There is no rivalry that comes close to OU-Texas, Period.

Feel free to respond to this topic or talk about any other college teams. On a side note, Miami is the best team in the nation right now(bastards)which boggles my mind considering the players they lost from last year.


Hey, Miami has the best player money can buy.


I always thought the “biggie” was OU and Nebraska!..guess I was wrong, huh?

Ahh, tis a big one also, but the Big Twelve switches schedules every two years. So OU won’t play Nebraska(regular season) for another year. I think Texas bordering Oklahoma and the fact that they play every year makes it bigger.

There's just something about that Longhorn emblem on there helmets that makes me sick at my stomach. :)

This is the type of rivalry that records don't usually mean much going into the game. I've seen horrible OU teams go down to Dallas and play much better Texas teams and win. To predict a winner your better off flipping a coin.

Who do you follow in college football?

Oklahoma by 13 due to the fact Chris Simms is a very overated Q.B., although I do admit that O.U’s defense looked downright pitiful against Mizzou. Shit their Byron Davis I believe had 400 yds totl offense himself. I’m a big War Eagle Auburn tiger and any team that beats the despised Crimson Tde of bama is alright by me(even though OU sucked in the 2nd half and really should have lost). texas has not impressed me at all and just because you can beat the druthers out of several hapless programs does not make you a national contender. OU by 13 and it won’t be that difficult.

There are actually other Oklahoma people here??

Yeah, I live just northeast of Tulsa. The town is called Owasso. Where do you live?

35-24, how sweet is that!?!

I am from Broken Arrow, I went to OU, and now live in Houston. I was not the most popular guy watching the game sat!

Did you graduate from BA? When did you go to OU?

Yup, graduated from BA in 91, I was at OU from 91 through 95.