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Red Queen's Relay Race



Pullups 10x5
Ab wheel rollouts (knees) 8x3

Can’t do neutral grip pullups without a good amount of pain and some alarming creaking sounds from my left forearm, down in the inner elbow. Tried for the first two sets, but the ouch defeated me. I can do straight pullups, however.


Don’t want to intrude too much.
I’m considering purchasing sandbags to use when training outdoors this spring summer.
I’ve never used them before.
When you start to implement them in your training any additional information you can add to your log about how your using them , what s good what’s not would be much appreciated.
Enjoy your training.


You’re not intruding at all. Drop a comment anytime. I like your outlook and your style of training.

I’m planning on using them to increase conditioning and work capacity on off-days. I’m thinking pick-and-carry, over-the-shoulder and pick ‘n’ press.


Looking good Tony. Weird about the neutral grip chins. Have fun with the sandbags.



Thanks man. Hope your back and leg are feeling better. You might need to keep those stones on a leash so they don’t bite anyone else.



Push Press
175 3x3

Seated Cable row
180 3x6

Front Squat
225 3x3 (Milestone reached)

+55 3x8

That’s it. Outta time.


Progress to date for 2019-01-25 from 2018-10-13
Overhead press for reps: 15 lbs
Squat for reps: 60 lbs
Deadlift for reps: 70 lbs
Bodyweight gained: 16lbs



Axle Z press
bar x 10
75 x 5
95 x 5
115 x5
130x5 (PR, +5)
135 3x5 (PR, +10)

DL Rows
235 3x6

Deficit DL
275x3 (hook)
325x3 (hook)
360x3 (straps)
390x3 (straps)
345 2x6 (straps)

DB hammer curls
50’s x 8,7,7

Seated DB Clean
35’s 3x8

DL Rows are a good warmup for DL, though they do tire the upper back.
Cheap PRs tonight, since I’ve almost never done Z-Presses in the past.


I have 250 lbs of playsand in my trunk. I don’t have any room in my apartment to store the sand bags, once they’re filled. Thought I could swing it but there jsut isn’t space.

I’m going to have to hit up the owner of the gym and see if I can store them there.


Must be a tiny apartment, not even space under the bed? In your bath? Behind the couch?


Keep them in the trunk?


I would, but I drive a hundred+ miles a day and it negatively affects gas mileage for my poor little 4-banger.

Maybe I can sort it with my wife. She’s already tired of all the exercise crap I have in the house, but, since she’s getting on a fitness kick herself, maybe she’ll accept these bag in an odd corner.


Good luck with that.
I just rotate what stuff I have lying around so it doesn’t look as bad.
I once tried to talk her into a pool table for our dining room that we could plywood sheets on if people came over for dinner. Nice plywood with the veneer on one side.


On managing injury risk by manipulating volume and intensity over time. Some obvious stuff but interesting item on ratios relative to prior weeks of training.


Skipping the usual workout today, even though I feel great, to have an extra day of recovery for tomorrow when I test my maxes.


Got the sandbags out during lunch and filled them, put them back in the trunk of the car. I’ll tote 'em inside when I get home. That 150lber is a little awkward. That’s gonna be fun to walk around with.

Carrying those two bags the 100 feet (if it’s even that) from my car to the apartment just about made me puke. Sucking wind pretty badly. Looks like I really needed them.


I’m going to call them Gasper and Kilyu


Testing Maxes

180x1 (butter smooth)
185x1 (got out in front, but ground it up - MILESTONE REACHED)

335x1 (15 away from milestone)

DL(no shoes, from floor)
315x2 (hook)
395x1 (straps)
425x1 (straps - 25 away from milestone)

PEndlay Row

Decline Close Grip Bench
205 2x5

All singles were performed without revving up or getting excited. Well…I got a little excited on the last OHP which is why it went out front.
I think I could have done 10lbs more on the SQ, but decided not to.
DL tells me I need a steady diet of Good Mornings. Hamstrings just aren’t cutting it. 425 felt very slow and difficult. Everything else was good to go, but not the hammies.


In my experience ( never the strongest guy in the gym), heavy deadlifts always have some form breakdown and get ugly. Often I’ll get my hamstrings quivering at near maximum weights.
I think Good Mornings are awesome. I like higher reps,8-10, with a challenging enough weight. Not a fan of round backs. Band or cable pull through ave helped my lockout.
I also like some psych up for heavy deadlifts , but that’s me.
I pull conventional.


I also pull conventional. The form stayed good (I think) on my top pull, but I could feel the strain all in the hams, rather than over the whole posterior chain. So…good mornings. 5-8 reps works best for me. Used to do them all the time when I was doing max effort/dynamic effort splits.