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Red Queen's Relay Race



157 3x3

289 3x3

Hang CL(hips)

DB Row
110 8x3 sets (straps)

187 5x3 sets

DB Curls
50s 5X3 sets

Tough night tonight. All upper body exercises were hard for some reason, but presses particularly so. Hang cleans were going great; crisp, catching in good position and then I tweaked my left middle finger recatching the 195. Thought I snapped a tendon for a second and got a nice bruise in the joint. Shut it down and used straps on the rows, due to left hand and having torn a callus on the right hand.

Oh well, got the work in, in any case.


Getting it done is always a win.
Even after all this time, I am still trying to get used to the variance in your workouts. Guess I am too rigid.


Work is screwing up my training.

I had a backstop DBA who took some operational stuff off my plate for a while, but then he got a better full-time contract. Then the other designer/developer notified us that he’s moving to “greener pastures” as well, so now I’m the sole front end+backend developer/DBA virtualization/linux system administrator on a project with ambitious scope and an aggressive timeline, incorporating a platform change and data migration.

I think I need to have a talk with the project manager and let him know I’ll be at the gym if he needs me.

Actually, to be honest, I’ve found the programming to be more interesting than training so I can’t lay off lack of training to the amount of work. The work stimulates my brain and I’m choosing not to train, because I’m highly engaged. The contract I’m on actually specifies 8 hours per day, so the extra time is off the contract. Kinda stupid to do when I think about it. Plus I’m doing a private web project to track training which will generate charts and log entries for people to use on their favorite forums, which is becoming sort of ironic.


ahaha. i need to sing the alphabet. oh yes, i do.

i remember being very impressed that my grand father learned to say/sing his alphabet backwards. took him years, apparently.

you would think you could start half way though, but no… the alphabet song always needs to start from the beginning. sigh.


The brain needs to be worked as well…lest it atrophy, like mine.
But you can always use some of those monstrous manuals to do “DB” presses or “DB” curls.

On another note, I find your avatar to be both mesmerizing and frightening, simultaneously.



135 3x3


175 3+1PP,3x2

225 3x3

BW 5x3 sets

Cable pushdowns
70 10x3 sets

Light-headed, weak. Going light until I knit back together again. Project on back burner at work, so back to training.


Stormtroopers use umbrellas in the rain? That’s, like, so totally ghey. Totally.

Weak?^^ Welcome to my world…




175 3x3 (belt on last set)

225 3x3 (belt on last set)

CL High Pull
225 3x3

Back against the wall DB Curls
35s 8,7

Freakin’ sauna in the gym tonight. Slows me down.


Nice work, Tony. Good to see you back at it.



175x1 (belt)

Power CL
185x3 (from hang,below knees)

305,325x1 (belt)

185 3x3 (paused)

Various pullups
BTNPU w/ hold x 8
Pullup to chest x 5
Front lever row x 4

Good session. Surprised it went this well, actually, I thought the weights would be much lower on the exercises. Lots of rest between sets. Feeling much better mentally/emotionally - disposition takes a nosedive when I don’t get to the gym.


[quote]DaCharmingAlbino wrote:
Feeling much better mentally/emotionally - disposition takes a nosedive when I don’t get to the gym.[/quote]
For most of us here, I suspect.


[quote]kpsnap wrote:

[quote]DaCharmingAlbino wrote:
Feeling much better mentally/emotionally - disposition takes a nosedive when I don’t get to the gym.[/quote]
For most of us here, I suspect.

I had no idea my actions (or lack of action) affected so many… I’ll be more responsible fro now on.





185x3 (paused)

CL High Pull
235 3x3

Pendlay Row
195 5x3 sets

DB curls
50’s 5x2 sets

PP pretty good, right in the groove, solid setup AND I power cleaned it. FS not so good, but not unexpected for being at this stage…again. My legs seem to lose strength faster than my upper body. I’ll be tripling that FS max in a few weeks, though, I’m pretty sure.


200 is a stout clean/pp combo. Nice work.


[quote]jjackkrash wrote:
200 is a stout clean/pp combo. Nice work. [/quote]

Thanks Jack. I want to match my top weight for PP out of the rack, 225. I’ve gotten up to 220 in the past so I think it’s do-able in a not-too-long timeframe.


Saw a young guy do his whole work out with chains. Chains on bench (half benching). Chains on deadlifts for triples and chains for shrugs in the smif majjine. The hell of it was that the weight he was using was so low and the way he had the chains on was so wrong that I’m pretty sure he’d be getting more benefit just using straight weight. More than two thirds of the chain stayed on the floor throughout the exercises. Maybe there’s some secret sauce there for gettin’ swoled up, but this old guy is just confused by that routine.

I mean, 185 and chains? For deadlift? For a guy who was my size? Not speed DL’s either… I kinda bugged him when I cleaned the weight he was DLing from mid thigh so I could do front squat WARMUPS, I think. There is something wrong with our youth. Though I did encounter a monster lad the other workout who was doing clean and press thruster style with 225. He wasn’t overly large but just one of those guys with a massive amount of movement-capable energy. I was impressed.

I liked the part where the lady did reverse leg curls on an exercise ball in yoga pants today. That’s okay, y’see. That’s not a silly exercise at all, no sir.

Enough gossip. Back to minding my own business in the gym.


Okay until I got abut 2/3 of the way through I was thinking me might have been doing speed work.


[quote]JoeGood wrote:
Okay until I got abut 2/3 of the way through I was thinking me might have been doing speed work. [/quote]

I watched him for an hour thinking that maybe that was the case myself, but I ended up thinking that the chains made him feel like a badass and that he just liked the sound they made when he lifted. He got more exercise just carrying them around to his stations than from the way he was using them, in my opinion.

I make it a point to do my top weights very quietly and very controlled when there’re guys like this around. No grunting or “Yeah, BUDDDY!”, no clanking weights. I don’t know why, it’s not like anyone notices or cares for that matter. My passive-aggressive way of trying to make a statement I guess.



155 3x3

CL Pull + Hang CL(knees)
187.5 3x3

285 3x3

BTN Pullups
BW+7.5 5x3 sets

CG Incline BP
135 5x3

Getting lots of meat and the drive is coming back.


My fervent hope/wish is that 24 Hour Fitness will awaken to the fact that the power cage is the most versatile and cost-effective piece of equipment a gym can have (aside from quality bars and and plates) and that they will rectify the paucity of said equipment in all their franchises in all locations.

And, as long as I’m at it, I wish I was 25 years old again.