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Red Panda Video


Doesn't everyone just love Red Pandas!!! LIKE THEY ARE AMAZING!



they are adorable little animals i must say...


Not just pullups, those were ring muscle ups.

Gives me an idea for a movie.

Crossfit Panda


I assume Jack Black will be dressed up in a fur animal suit playing the young Red Panda and Dustin Hoffman will be his old and grizzled soviet coach red panda father that has realised modern Crossfit is the way forward and is tasked with taking him to nationals by the end of the year, only to be rivalled for the final space by Dustin Hoffman's old soviet olympic lifting student that seeks to gain true recognition as the winner of the 2015 (because of production time of course) Crossfit Nationals and it is Jack Black's chance to be the underdog and stop him.

Bam, movie idea, cut and dry, send that shit to DreamWorks, see you at the Academy Awards.


Red pandas are the most underrated animals in the world.

Conversely, giant pandas are the most worthless overrated failures on the planet


You know strangely right here in Knoxville, TN our zoo is world famous for their red pandas. They always have a bunch of em. Largest number of red panda births in captivity in the western hemisphere.


That's awesome. We've got stupid giant pandas in Memphis. I hate them.


Looks like a midget in a fox costume.


Hmm, this vaguely reminds me of a movie I've seen before. I like it!


For the love of God don't let the OP see you said that, or she'll be bugging me to take her to Texas next...


And they are just SO cute!