Red Palms = Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

Anyone else get red palms and or red soles?

I used to get them all the time, but since swapping grain fed meat for grass fed and supplementing with curcumin, magnesium, HCL, fish oil and cold baths I only get red palms when I train and when I work, or the odd occasion I get light red palms after a meal.

I’m 23 rarely drink alcohol, like only a few times a year, train regularly, and walk for hours every day. So I should be healthy as fuck.

As soon as I get in a cold bath my palms instantly lose any redness and go the same colour as my forearms (regular colour like everyone else).

Any ideas?

Did you google Red palms and the first hit happened to be primary biliary cirrhosis? Palmar erythema (red palms) is a fairly non-specific sign, it would probably be worth talking to your/a doctor about.