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Red or White Lights for This One?


Last heavy DL before my meet in two weeks, and at 583 lbs it’s a 10 lb PR at about 225 lbs (skip to 00:56)

I noticed two things that I think could get me red lighted: movement of my left foot and getting my thighs under the bar a bit grinding to lockout. Any others? Am I being paranoid with the two I mentioned? I compete in GPC Australia.


I would white light it.


Looks good, you don’t really hitch it, you just move the bar forward with your thigh versus using your thigh to lift the weight higher.


That’s tricky, I don’t know what the judges would consider it. If they are strict maybe they’ll call it a hitch. I’d say you should be good. Question though why do you start looking almost into your chest seems like its starting you back rounding before you start the pull

Side note I think your knees locked then unlocked to finish if they catch that I think it’s against the rules. Don’t quote me on it though


Thanks guys!

@Vincepac1500 I had a look, I see what you mean. But, I’m not sure how the judges would view it because I don’t think it makes the bar dip or anything. I don’t think the rules specifically provide that your knees can’t move up and down provided you lock them out at the end and don’t move the bar down and up. I hope.


Don’t have anything to add; although, curious why you keep your head tucked on all the warm up sets, then start the PR lift the same before lifting your head mid lift? I don’t know if I’ve seen anyone keep their head tucked while deadlifting.



I found the chin tucking helps my setup. I just feel tighter. On the top set I was straining enough I forgot to tuck as it came up.


If it works for you keep doing it, I’m always tweaking my lifts to see if I find better positions. I fairly recently started looking more straight on my deadlift then up to lock and seems to help. If I look up too much before the start of my pull I get a weird pinch in my trap. Good luck at the comp I just posted my video from my meet yesterday. Didn’t hit what I really wanted but still feel I did good.


Looks okay to me. White