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Red M'F'n Meat


So trying to eat more "healthily" after a short health scare I consulted a nutritionist who had me cut out the massive amount of meat I was used to eating, I really tried to adapt to and it threw in beans and rice, tempeh and still some salmon, I gave it a few months before I lost a ton of weight and felt borderline suicidal, then I read up alot more online and saw "the myths about red meat".

I could not be happier to eat more of it again and want desperately to feel like I used to, so my question is, if I shelled out the extra cash and bought a case of grass-fed bison would it be reasonable to go back to eating it daily like I had before?


Red meat is not the issue. Eating cheeseburgers while sitting on your ass and blaming it on "red meat" while you gain another 50lbs of body fat is the issue.

I hate it when I see doctors make that recommendation...but I also know the average person they are talking to does not understand the difference between "grilled steak and a potato" and "2 whoppers with mayo, some french fries, a 500calories shake and a sedentary lifestyle.

My guess is, there is way more off about your life style than whether you just eat meat.


Even if it did shorten your lifespan (which like X mentioned, I doubt it, it's a total lifestyle thing most people are missing) would you really give it up?

Grass fed beef is supposed to be better for you but I don't think it's necessary.




If I were you I would go back to eating as much lean red meat straight away. Your body will have all sorts of deficiencies from not eating enough, so eat it at least 3 times a day for a month or so. I would aim for around 180-200g a sitting with lots of vegetables (at least a cup of mixed per sitting) to get you back on track and feeling well again. That's what I would do mate.


no not much off about my lifestyle, I don't even smoke and don't drink, I think my body is just used to lots of iron, zinc and B12, nice try though.


You smoking and drinking has nothing to do with how you are eating and how you are exercising.

There are pro bodybuilders who smoke and drink.


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One of my girlfriend's friends came over last night as I was finishing up my steak. She made a comment about how I eat a lot of red meat. I told her I eat steak for dinner 5-7 times a week. She said that's too much and I should cut back. This of course coming from someone who is overweight.


I had some girls over at the house last week and they made the same "unhealthy" comments about the Biotest supplements I have in the kitchen.

Building muscle is bad.


I have my supplements shipped to work for safety reasons.

I was pulling out my supps from the box and my boss saw them. She immediatley accused me of purchasing steriods. It's one thing when people were ignorant about this 20 years ago, but in the information age, you have no excuse to be ignorant. Just sad. And I'm tired of explaining myself.


I guess they will just have to fork out the cash to get you a wizz quiz. It will sting long enough for them to remember if you come back negative

Seems that in this information age there is too much MISinformation


X2 i didn't think it was possible but it seems like the general population is actually getting MORE stupid while more tech is accessible to them lol


It's the shorter attention spans


Third. It's always people who have no business saying something. I think that's the part that makes me shake my head the most. I constantly get shit at work about the amount of eggs I eat..specifically from one women in particular who is near TLC fat person reality show. And I'm not trying to be mean..but a girl who's probably pushing 4 to 5 bills shouldn't be telling me my cholesterol is high..


I get the same bullshit all the time and it's always coming from unhealthy fat chicks. I eat red meat 7 days a week, usually steak, home made burgers or lamb. Steak is one of the best muscle building foods you can eat plus it's quick and easy as fuck to cook one. I have my steak dinner ready in 5 -7 minutes.
I very rarely eat chicken (what all the fat kids love), ironically due to it being too low in fat and cholestrol.


Haha, the egg thing cracks me up. I love when people tell me that eating 6-12 eggs at a time will increase my cholesterol. My typical response is "getting fat will increase your cholesterol".


I had an overweight friend at university give me a speech on why I shouldn't be eating a plate full of eggs, namely the yolks. After, he went and got a bowl of cottage cheese, I asked, why are you eating that? He respnded with "its good for you". I told him that it really doesn't matter how good it is for him, all the sundae toppings on it makes it shit.

Seriously this guy had chocolate chips, caramel, sprinkles, chocolate sauce, etc, you name it and it was on this cottage cheese! I do find it funny how it is always overweight unhealthy people making nutritional reccomendations.


Yep, I've never had a "fit" person make a judgement about something I'm eating or drinking.


Funny how things are, At school I have noticed that the people who have never been in a gym, eat junk and drink all the time are always making the most critiques and reccomendations.