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Red Meat

Hey, guys. The majority of my protein intake is AP, salmon, lean turkey, eggs and egg whites, etc. However, I believe in getting at least 1-2 servings a week of lean red meat.(The bodybuilding community has advocated that for years, and it works well for me).

Well…when I do eat red meat, I seem to almost get a “pump”; I feel stronger, more alert…really hard to describe. Now…while I look forward to that weekly steak and salad, I don’t really “crave” it…so I don’t think that this is psychological, but may have some physiology behind it.

Is it the amino acid profile? (esp. glutamine and alanine). Fat?(esp. saturated).Iron and B-12? Other? Your thoughts…

Isn’t red meat a natural creatine source?

I just found out that Paul Anderson used to use raw meat in his shakes. GROSS!

I read an article about a famous triathlete. He had been nearly a vegan for a long time because that was the “in” thing in the sport. One day he said he was running and went by a steakhouse and the smell was magnetic. He thought about it for a while and then snuck in for steak. He didn’t want any of his training buddies to give him shit for breaking training diet. He said the same thing you did about the feeling after eating the meat. His event times had been plateued for two years. He decided his body was telling him something and added red meat to his diet twice a week. His times improved and he felt better. So much for following the “in” crowd…unless they are heading for a steak house…:slight_smile:

Yep…creatine…that may be a big one…

Red meat is a natural source of creatine, so that might be it. I eat + or - 2.5 kg of it a week, and suplementing with creatine doesnt seem to do much for me…I would like to hear the experts opinion on this.

I thought fish was a natural source of Creatine, personally I don’t eat much redmeat either. Steak is really expensive.

i include it in many meals every week, and i use liver tabs. the effect can be felt. i’m in an area where i can get beef loin (very, very lean when trimmed) for very cheap, so i eat it.

Humans have eaten a lot of red meat for a long time, and are probably conditioned to utilize a good deal of meat nutrients, many of which have yet to be isolated. For example, creatine phosphate was isolated some time ago, but it’s full effects on human physiology were not known until fairly recently. If these yet to be isolated nutrients are deficient in one’s diet, athletic performance will suffer.

It’s well known that an athlete that doesn’t supplement with creatine will usually feel a positive surge from a decent quantity of meat. Also, someone on a very low fat diet (no flax oil or anything, like from the late '80s) will feel great following a steak dinner.

I eat red meat as a meal about twice a week. I also have some beef jerky every day with at least one meal. Jerky is very lean and quite tasty. Only problems are sodium and nitrites, and I don’t really mind either (I don’t consume any other nitrites).

I say go for the steak. Eat red meat with gusto. On a side note, I posted some items about soy and powerlifting at a vegan site called Sunfood Diet http://pluto.beseen.com/boardroom/y/50341). Check it out – I really mess with them! After all, these people are fanatics. They act as though their vegetarianism is a personal choice, but then they go out and try to stop us from eating what nature intended for us to eat.

Red meat is such a great protein source probably because it an excellent source of many micronutrients unavailable from other sources or not absorbed as well from other sources such as b12 among others including of course natural creatine and also taurine - both excellent cell volumizers. Many other micronutrients are commonly only found in quantity in red meat. Plus it’s so damn satisfying.

I swear beef makes my nuts bigger after I eat it. grin Ok seriously…I noticed that when I was eating tons of beef that creatine didn’t have much affect, but I haven’t been eating as much lately and creatine seems to help more… hmmm interesting… I used to eat beef at least once a day if not more. Mufasa I wonder if it is psychological because for me just smelling a grilled steak wakes me up.

Red Meat is a very good natural source of Creatine and taurine. This could add to cell volumization(althought would take a hefty dose of red met.i mean verrrry hefty for 5 gram of Creatine). Also I have no idea of exactly how much taurine is averged in say 3oz of lean redmeat,but, Dr Serrano reccomends supplementing with a gram/day if not consuming red meat…something to think about…Mike

i read once that read meat makes the liver release somatomedins (growth factors), but whoever wrote the article didn’t know why that might be, whether it was some chemical in the meat, or just a synergistic combination of amino acid profile and other nutrients like iron, creatine etc. good source of alpha lipoic acid too, apparently.

Red meat is an excellent protein, and for those who say its to expensive I say bull. Certain cuts are expensive, tenderloin, ribeye, new york strip etc. but alot of thethe othe cuts are cheaper than fish and chicken. They may not be that great for grilling but if you learn how to handle them corrcectly they can be excellent.

I agree with ko, just buy the cheapest cuts, cut off excessive fat and make hamburguers…

It’s just that it’s damned good-tasting, good for ya, and anabolic! I have prime rib every Thursday, and a juicy steak on the Foreman grill every week. It’s especially satisfying with peppers & onions, & a Michelob on a Friday night after training legs! Real food for real people!

I go to sams and get the 10% fat beef for 1.99/lb. I eat that over the course of the week. Ill usually get about 7lbs or so. Its great.

Red meat is a great creatine source but you just got to watch how much you eat. It does cause heart disease high cholestol ect… Go look at teh asain population they don’t eat a lot read meat so they have less case of heart disease… Their diet coniest of fish, chicken tofu soy products as their protien source and veggies and rice.

But there are a higher risk of heart disease when they come to the US because they are exposed to red meat… Read meat is good just watch the intake…

Why would red meat cause heart disease? Asians arent tall either. Does that mean if they eat red meat they will be taller? Your argument is ridiculously stupid. My red meat is not high in saturated fat and dietary cholesterol and even blood choleterol are very poor predictors of heart disease. The correlations are very, very low. you must be a nutritionist or studying to be one. You sound like some of my dumbass teachers.

Uh, fitone, I’m not trying to get on you here - but the Chinese eat a high proportion of Pork, also. I know - I’m Chinese (half). And another type of meat the Chinese do als eat is duck - and duck ain’t the leanest meat - but it sure is tasty…And Ko is Japanese (half). But we do follow a predominately Asian diet (lot’s of veggies, poultry and fish). However - we do eat our share of red meat. And we’re pretty darn lean, too. And I guess you could throw in beer. But since Ko is a chef, he knows which cuts of red meat to choose - we do not usually get the real high fat cuts - and he does know how to trim the meat if we do. It all boils down to balance. A little bit of everything is the best way to handle nutrition…