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Red Meat Health Concerns

Hi all.
I’m wondering what people’s opinions are about red meat consumption. I have been eating extra lean ground beef, and other lean cuts regularly, and now I’m thinking I should cut down significantly to maybe once a week, due to the health concerns about too much red meat in diet. Anyone’s thoughts are appreciated.

Well if you’re not eating crappy processed foods full of sugars and trans-fats, in other words if you have a truly CLEAN diet, then I am huge fan of red meat.

So if you exercise regularly or lift weights I think lean red meat is good for you.

Very lean red meat has 1 to 3 grams of fat per ounce. Besides, a small amount of animal fat in the diet is healthy; beef has stearic acid, a healthy fatty acid.

Does anyone read articles and books anymore or know how to search for stuff on Google?

I eat red meat every day, and I don?t give a shit if it’s going to kill me or not. If good beef isn’t worth dying for, I don’t know what is.