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Red meat and sprinting

Yo t-men got this college kid that Ive been training for track, sprinter. We got to talking about diets and he had mentioned about Beef and steak and that he consumes atleast a serving every other day and sometimes every day. Now, I realize that beef is a great source for protein, but because of the fat content would you suggest he eat it for track season? I know coach davies believes in red meat, and what if its like 86/14% uncooked, knowing that once its cooked additional fat is lost. Well basically would you recommend a sprinter to eat red meat, beef specially?

Bump!!! anyone have any info?


Dirk - Go nuts and eat some red meat. You can buy real lean ground beef that is about 1/3 fat and 2/3 protein (95% lean by weight) or you can buy steak that is labelled with the word round or go with flank steak. All these are pretty lean, but you will have to find a source which labels the calorie, fat, protein content because the meat industry is not required to label their products. Red meat is a great source of protein and vitamins and if you buy grass-fed beef, it is also a great source of fat. If you are shopping in a regular grocery store, stick with lean ground beef, eye of round, top round and flank steak.

THIS is a question that can be answered by Ko. He can tell you which cuts of red meat to check out.

But I've never had my red meat consumption hurt my athletic performance - only enhance. Gives me strength, etc.

Yeah that’s what I had imagined, I just thought that maybe the fat content of the meat was a bit to high, the label reads that its 22 grams of protein and 17grams of fat for every 4oz. serving, but theres a star on the fat content that reads after cooking it yields 3oz. so I believe it will lower once cooked and using the Foreman grill will reduce itself to about 10g. of fat or perhaps even lower.

If he is on a limited budget and has limited cooking skill/equipment, I would highly reccomend the ground beef. Its great for burritos and pasta. If he does not have trouble keeping his bodyfat down, I would reccomend the higher fat content though, it is better for making burger patties, as hit holds together better.

yeah the kid’s lean as heck, good genetic build up. Thanks all for the advice. appreciate the help!

eye of round, find a high-end brand that is extra-lean. Some of this is almost as lean as a chicken breast-in some cases, more so. Can be $$$ though.

eat the meat, it’s good. you burn the calories anyways. you need the fat. it’s anabolic. laters pk