red meat again

ok, i searched alot through the forum and web, and now im bothered.

coooking meat well done causes more carcinogens? more dangerous?

i eat alot of veggies/flax, but i eat everything well done and have been having well done meat once a day for months.

whats the best way to cook these meats, ie steaks/sirloin burgers.

any info/websites with some info will be helpful.

also, i have a ‘grain fed’ t-bone loin steak for tomorrow. i should be getting grass fed/free range? i havnt seen any of that in PUBLIX.

i’d like to really get my ‘meat’ diet fixed from this day on. i think i’ll finally get my blood checked now! :slight_smile:

ok peace

Hey, there Iam!!!

Publix has something called Maverick Ranch brand beef. It’s quasi-organic. No hormones, antibiotics, etc. That’s what I usually end up purchasing. Their lean ground beef is quite lean.

Re cooking your meat, burning it and browning it is what will cause you the greater damage re carcinogens. Instead of broiling, cook it at a slightly lower temp until well done.

BBQ’ing is particularly bady, especially when the fat drips off the meet, hits the charcoal and splatters back up on the meat.

Hope that helps!

Use a gas bbq and you’re all good.

As far as cooking, the rarer the meat is, the better it is for you. This is assuming of course that it’s cooked enough to kill surface bacteria and stuff :slight_smile: The more you cook red meat, the more nutrients you lose. Personally, I always make and order my steaks “blue”, or rare at the most. You’ll also find its much tastier this way too. Doesn’t taste like you’re eating charcoal.

thnx alot, i was brought up on the concept that ‘red meat is bad’ - well done it!

im going to go check out this health food store (like a health food publix), they should have some good meats there, they have a huge deli in it.

ok thanks cya!

I love charcoal bbq’s yummmmmmmmmmm

bloody rare filet mignon…ooooohhh baby!!!

I had a question about the protein in meat. And since were on the topic i’ll post it.

What are the characteristics of protein found in meat? does it differ from beef to chicken to fish? is it fast acting ie whey? is it slow acting ie casein?

and what about egg proteins? I have heard from different places they as perfect as protein sources get.

Basically I don’t have the money for supps right now, so I would like to try and use my natural protein sources to their max advantages. IE obviously forcing down cottage cheese before bedtime is an example of what I mean.

Thanks Gang