Red letter day

I got an interesting letter this morning from the U.K’s leading supplement company informing me that the MCA (Medincines control agency) are trying to get all prohomormone products classified as medicines therefore banned. I’m in England and worried that if the bill goes through I will no longer be able to buy prohormones. I reguard this company on a similar level as Biotest so they are trustworthy and I was wondering if Biotest were aware of this and if so will it effect sales of thier products in the U.K. It’s down to those bastard athletes testing positive for nandrolone and blaming legal supplements for the result, cheating wankas are making me pay for thier illeagal actions.
Anyway can anyone shed any light on this beacuse i’m shitting bricks and I don’t particulary want to roid but i’ll have to without prohormones.