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Red Kat


I came here looking for a Red Kat section and couldn't find it. So I guess I'll start one. Question: can this stuff replace Tribex-500? A lot of the claims for both products are the same. I've been doing Tribex off and on a few years and I always prefer being on it. Can't afford both but might switch.


I have been taking Red Kat for 10 days, but I am not going to post the results til the end when I get my T levels checked. I am not taking for sexual performance, ,my T levels are a little low. Here is my synopsis as of yet...

I am taking 2 in the am and 1 in the pm

Body temp is up, about 1 degree F in the am since the 3rd day. I sweat pretty much all day.

Nights are restless.

Absolutely no sides as of yet.

Recovery is superior, but I have just started to notice this.


I'm loving RedKat. It may be hard for me to give it up. Horny as hell, definitely better recovery, leaning out a little. I took 2 a day the first week, went to 4 a day yesterday. It feels like Tribex, but a lot stronger.


Jeff, that RED-KAT mini site which used to be linked here at the forum can now be found at the store. Go to the Superstore, then click on "info" in the RED-KAT section.


What are people's experiences in terms of increased irritibility?


Fuck Off Scott!

J/K I have been in an amazing mood, sex drive is up, recovery is up, and have not noticed irritability. Hope this helps!


I have been on for about 2 weeks now and I have taken 3 a day with 1-2 hot-rox. I just finished a cycle and my sex drive hasn't gone down that dramatically at all. Furthermore I think it might be helping with my mood while on clomid.