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Red Kat???

Ok, Hot Roxx has been released, now when will we get more info or see the release of this Red Kat thats been so heavily advertised over the past few months in Muscle and Fitness magazine??? Anyone?

What in the hell is Muscle and Fitness? :wink:

Its a magazine just like Musclemag and all those other training magazines.

Now I get it, you were just being a smart ass…

LOL grim he was just fucking with you…


muscle and fitness is’t a magazine it’s a giant joe wieder advertisement;\

Nah, Joe sold M&F.

Hey Pugs, when you gonna be back, Monday, 3/17? :wink:

yeh im gonna be gone till the second tuesday of next week.;0)

Oh, yeah. It’s one of those publications that uses flashy looking models to demonstrate tired old exercises… in between hundreds of pages of advertisements. Now I remember. Thank goodness I have Testosterone to read.

Yeah, I’d like to know too! Never read Muscle and Fitness though.