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RED KAT Still Available?


I recently ran out of my RED KAT supplies and decided to re-stock... But it is no longer available through the T-Nation website - why has it been removed? I was very happy with the results of RED KAT! Is the new TRIBEX more effective at boosting T? Someone please exlpain to me why this was done. I really don't feel like shelling out 49.99 (Biotestedge.com)for a product I paid 19.99 for in T-Nation.com. If the new TRIBEX is a better and more effective supplement then I'll order some right away. But someone please elaborate..


We simply didn't sell enough RED KAT through T-Nation to warrant its continued presence in the T-Nation store.

TRIBEX works through a different mechanism than RED KAT. Since individuals respond differently, the only way you'll know which works better for you is to try them both.