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RED KAT Questions


How does RED KAT compare to LJ100 (100:1)?

Is RED KAT a 400:1 extract of eurycoma longifolia?

Is RED KAT the "real deal"? I see many sites
online claiming that most extracts in the US are useless.

Any user reports? Lab work with before and after
Testosterone levels?

I am willing to test RED KAT (with blood work) if I get enough positve reports/feedback so if you work for Biotest please PM me.


I've used it - it's the real deal.

However, I now use Alpha Male, which is a combo of TRIBEX, RED KAT, and M.

Biotest prides themselves on the quality of their extracts, so I don't think you have to worry about what the other sites said about U.S. products.

I'm sure the search function will help out with more reviews.

Also, it's only 20 bucks with a money-back guarantee. Why not give it a shot?


Thanks for your feedback.

Re: the search function

I used it and saw a lot of questions about the product but not many reviews.


Is the new formula better?

I got mine at GNC and the label looks different.


I just bought 3 bottles of RED KAT from T-Nation Store.

My plan is to get before and after bloodwork and possibly semen analysis as well. (My wife and I are trying to have a child).

I am hoping that T-Nation will allow me to post subjective and objective results for the benefit of others.


That's great! Thanks for putting the time and energy into this. Also, good luck trying to concieve!


Looking forward to hearing you got one past the goalie.