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Red Kat question...


Hey T-Maggers.

I'm going to try Red Kat in a few days...and I was wondering something: Whether there is any supplement that I should not take while taking Red Kat?

I'm only taking Protein (Grow...and I have to finish off the remaining bit of the other protein mix before I TOTALLY change over..) ...Multivitamins, Fish and Flaxseed oil...and (although I've read here it's junk) NO2...(hey, 2 bottles were given to me so I have to take it just on principle, you know? No receipt and 1.5 bottles left).

Thanks and any input would be greatly appreciated.



You have to take supplements if they are given to you? Cool.

I am sending you soy phytoestrogen supplements.


Kungfudude, your current protocol looks good. Nothing conflicts or is contra-indicated.

Have fun, eat clean and workout hard! (grin)


LOL mage...point taken, man...

Tampa...thanks for the words...