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Red Kat Q&A

I’m sure an official Red Kat Q&A forum will be started up soon, as Chris mentioned awhile back, but screw it. I can’t wait.

Especially since I recently received a nice supply of Tribex.

Hey Biotest Team! Can/should Tribex and Red Kat be used together?

Any supplement/drug interactions to beware of?

Any suggestions on supplements which may have a synergistic effect with Red Kat?

Thanks, guys! This looks to be some exciting stuff, to say the least!

Honest, this isn’t a BUMP.

I’m just trying to get my post numbers up there.

And if I get a few answers in the process, that’d be cool too!

Well, it looks like we have a post Mag-10 super stack. Wow, 2 week double dose of Mag-10 followed by 2 weeks of Tribex, M, and red Kat. I hope my freakin balls don’t explode!

I’m hoping my ahem better half survives!

Worst part is, she doesn’t even know what may be in store for her. Poor thing.

Should one consider it post cycle if already taking Tribex and M?

Someone already asked this in another thread, but I’ll add it here. Since women have taken this ingredient before for libido, can they take the pharmaceutical grade kind in Red Kat?

With/without food?

Is it ok to drive a car…drink a soda…or talk on a cell phone while taking Red Kat???

Sure Don…its ok to do all those things and MORE while taking Red Kat!

Hope this helps!!!


bump…t-mag staff? I’d be interested to hear more info here or did I miss an article somewhere?


Chris Shugart replied to a post much like yours in another RK thread just yesterday, maybe you should check it out.

You have checked out all the info. on the banner ad right? How much more info. do you need?

…although I wouldn’t mind a temporary RK forum for a while.

I’m willing to bet we’ll have an RK forum up soon. And at least we’re giving them a head’s up on initial questions.

okay, so this was a blatant bump. sue me