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Red Kat 'on sale and in stock'?

I was dicking around on the internet and saw that. although nothing has been posted here on t-mag. Is it like a soft opening? waiting for the big announcement? Or is it bogus?
zup boys?

Its real, I just ordered some from Netrition and got it today. I probably will not be able to try it out for a week or so. I am moving to college and don’t want to be walking around campus the first day with a major hard on! Hope it works, I’ll give some feedback when I try it.

Why not, if your penis looks bigger than the rest of the college guys on the first day, you might be in for one hell of a year with the ladies!

What does it all mean basil?!?!?! What the hell is Red Kat supposed to be?

I don’t need the Red Kat for that! :slight_smile:

Biotest releases a product and only give us a teaser a few months ago? It doesn’t really match how much they promote their other products. I would hope they’re at least planning something for tomorrow’s issue.

I would guess it’ll be in tomorrow’s update.

We may provide some info soon, but probably not this Friday.

Hmmm, some people gripe when we write about Biotest stuff (even if it’s only one article every 4-5 weeks) but when we don’t write about it, we get even more complaints! Will you wankers make up your minds! (Kidding, kidding…)

I think there’s going to be a dedicated site with some info on RED-KAT in the future. Tim’s just been so busy with the new MAG-10 and some other cool stuff we have in the works, he hasn’t had a chance to write much about the big Red Kittie, although the tag line says it all: The Ultimate Male Stimulant.

(Just not sure how they got Jennifer Garner in that little bottle!)

Maybe he’s not kidding about Jennifer Garner in a bottle. They really wouldn’t need to advertise that.

I would guess it won’t be in tomorrow’s update.

CS, if you can actually get some red kittie in a bottle ill buy a lifetime supply.

oh btw it doesnt have to be red. black, brown, pink, its all the same to me.

WOW! I decided not to wait to try Red Kat. I just popped two of the Red Kitties about an hour ago to see what would happen…and…umm…does anyone know Jenifer Garners phone number cause damn this shit works!

I have to give props to the guy who wrote to the Reader Mail section regarding Tongcat Ali (ingredient in Red Kat). This can be found in issue 149 of the reader mail. Here’s the letter.

Tongkat Ali!?

I just had to ask?

In today’s edition of the Bangkok Post ? so you KNOW it must be true ? is an article on a Malaysian root called Tongkat Ali. Please note that the Bangkok Post is a highly respected rag, having scooped the worldwide media to declare “Japanese scientists find cure for aids” back in '95, if I recall correctly.

I checked the Bangkok Post website, but it appears that this article only made it to the print edition. I do have the print copy handy so if you’d like me to fax it to you, just say so.

Some quotes from the article…

"A slender, red-stemmed jungle plant that grows up to 10 metres high, Tongkat Ali has tuber-like roots that grow in long, gnarled twists that sometimes resemble a walking stick, or a “tongkat” in the Malay language. The word is also a euphemism for a penis.

"Pounded into powder, boiled or mixed with a variety of local herbs and spices, the root has been used for generations in traditional Malay medicine to treat everything from headaches and malarial fever to labor pains.

“While there have been no studies testing Tongkat Ali’s purported effects on the human libido, research by the University of Malaya found that the level of Testosterone in laboratory mice increased by up to 480 percent after they were given the substance. Another study found Tongkat Ali produced an increased rate of sexual motivation in mice.”

I did search your site for Tongkat Ali ? found nothing. The rest of the web is another matter: http://www.tongkatali.org/

So, is this stuff complete B.S. or what?



Here’s the response.

Uhh, until I got your letter, I thought Tongkat Ali was another one of Muhammed Ali’s daughters ? you know, the one that’s supposed to fight Joe Frazier’s girl? Now you tell me that Tongkat is a Testosterone-raising herb and that’s it a euphemism for penis! And I thought when my Malaysian girlfriend called me her “little Tongkat head,” it was a term of endearment!

This herb might well increase Testosterone levels. I’d wager that just about any long-standing people or culture has a whole pharmacopoeia of medicinal herbs in their history, but whether they really work or not is tough to say.

While it might be interesting to study this particular plant, getting sizable quantities of it is problematic. Tell you what, I’m going to dispatch Chris Shugart, pith helmet firmly strapped to his chin, to go machete us some Tongkat. I only hope he doesn’t machete his own tongkat off in the process.

why the hell are you taking it at 1 am. It is a stimulant. I hope you are awake for the rest of the night.

I for one always like to hear about the new supplements that are coming out, especially when they’re actually out…

Is this supposed to replace Tribex or just be for uhh “male enhancement” ?

Shugs said wankers.

This stuff is sellin at 99 quid a go so it had better put on at least 6 inches and do the washing up after.


And I just got my order for two bottles of Tribex!

well, I guess that isn’t all bad…:slight_smile:

Yea what do you guys mean by “enhancement” does this stuff just make you hard & horny? or is it going to help my tadpole develop into a giant african bullfrog?