Red Kat @ Night

Is it ok to take Red Kat at night before bed with my zma? It seems like a better way for me to cycle. Since I sleep between 6-8 hours a night if I take two capsules with my zma and then upon waking I take the other Red Kat capsule will it work the same as starting the dosage in the morning? In the morning I have been taking a capsule of 5-htp w/ the red kat. I am also currently taking Hot rox 4 capsules a day - 6 hours apart (2pm and 8 pm - just started this today).

I believe the reason they want you to take red kat on an empty stomach is because they want to limit the damage caused by stomach acids to the red kat, which will become more active in the presence of food. I suppose the 8 oz of water is to dilute stomach acid. I don’t know if Zinc or magnesium have an effect on stomach acid, but I would imagine they would so I wouldn’t take red kat with ZMA.

I have no idea how you would be able to take Red Kat late anyway, I would never get to sleep, I have to taker mine no later than 6pm.