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If AJ Rodz is correct, then here is some info on the herb in question:

Botanical Name:??? Eurycoma Longifolia Jack
Malaysian Name:??? Tongkat Ali (Ali?s walking stick)
Vietnamese Name:?? Cay Ba Binh (The plant which cures a hundred diseases)
Indonesian Name:??? Pasak Bumi

Eurycoma Longifolia, commonly known as Tongkat Ali in Malaysia and Pasak Bumi in Indonesia, is a shrub-tree found growing wild along the hilly slopes of the rainforest of Malaysia and other parts of Southeast Asia. Tongkat Ali (Ali’s walking stick) has been commonly prescribe in Malay and Asli’s herbal medicine as a febrifuge and a remedy for intermittent fever (malaria), ulcer, and as a aphrodisiac for men. In Indonesia, the plant is called “Pasak Bumi” and the roots are used for traditional treatment of dysentery and tertian malaria. In Vietnam, the plant is called “Cay Ba Binh”, the tree that cures a hundred diseases.

Anti Cancer Properties
Studies done by the department of Pharmacognosy, Tokyo College of Pharmacy & the Faculty of Medicine, Tokyo University, Japan, found anti-cancer properties by isolating antileukaemic activities of compounds from the plant.

Early results from a study conducted by a Malaysian government-sponsored agency and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found that some chemical constituents of the “Tongkat Ali” plant show potent anti-cancer and anti-HIV activity. According to Abdul Razak Mohd Ali, Forest Research Institute of Malaysia?s Director General, initial laboratory work has shown that the chemical constituents (of Tongkat Ali) could be more effective than existing anti-cancer drugs.

Aphrodisiac Properties
Tongkat Ali incites the testes to produce more testosterone on their own by sending signal to the hypothalamus and the pituitary glands, and NOT by supplying exogenous testosterone. Synthetic testosterone (anabolic steroids) can supplement your body with testosterone, but steroids interfere awkwardly with male sexuality, causing penile and testicular shrinkage.
When testosterone levels are elevated, the sex hormones (androgens and estrogens) will signal your body to decrease or stop its own testosterone production, this is call “negative feedback”. Tongkat Ali intercepts the negative feedback to the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, which results in the body to continuing to produce testosterone at elevated levels. Because the testes are in full testosterone production mode, the penis and testicles will increase in size.?
Fertility Properties
Studies show that Longjack improves the health and wellness of sperm. There is an increase in overall sperm count, size of sperm, and motility(speed). Initial tests in healthy lab mice showed a doubling in litter size. Concerned that this might be the result of splitting, twinning, or multiple ovulation in females, they tested for these extraneous effects. The findings were conclusive that increased fertility was purely the result of sperm quantity and quality.
Primary Uses of Eurycoma Longifolia
Improve testosterone production
Improve physical and mental performance
Enhance energy level, endurance, and stamina
Reduce mental fatigue and exhaustion
Tone skin and muscle
Improve immune system

And another interesting bit of info:

One of the most effective non-prescription herbs for naturally increasing testosterone production is Tongkat Ali, a strong strain of ginseng grown in the rainforests of Malaysia. This herb stimulates the luteinizing hormones (LH) responsible for naturally stimulating testosterone production in the body. Scientific studies show this herb to be two times more effecting in producing the hormone than Tribulus Terrestris. There are currently no known side effects associated with these two herbs.

400% test increase?! Where have you seen info suggesting it is a test increaser, the only studies I have seen suggest aphrodesiac properties, but nothing about a 400% increase in test…

The 400% increase in testosterone was seen in mice. I would think that all of us would’ve learned by now that just because a result was seen in some test animal doesn’t mean it’s going to work in humans.

OK. We have seen and heard these kind of miraculous statements before with other herbs. Where has this product been? Why wasn’t it brought to the public’s attention years ago?

It would be great if these purported statements were absolutely true but you have to wonder.

If Biotest is behind it, there must be some serious merit to the possibilities. I’m sure we will hear much about it in the upcoming weeks.

Wish they wouldn’t keep us in suspense like this…C’mon guys.

Please have BTS today…Please have BTS today…Please have BTS today…Please have BTS today…Please have BTS today…Please have BTS today…


Hot-Rox, Red Kat, and Spike, Oh my. Come on. Isn’t anyone else interested in the new, all powering, super potent fatty acid supplement. Anything would be better than popping 15-20 fish oil caps a day. A name for this product hasn’t even been released so I figure it’s still gonna be a while 'till it released. I’ve been around long enough to calculate the very intricate Biotest Conversion Factor (BCF): A few weeks = a few months with regards to when the product will be released. Check my math on that one.

Gashman, You must have found that BCF calculator from the same sit I downloaded mine from. Pugs, Sorry there is no BTS this week, maybe next week…