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red kat - hot roxx

Red Kat - Hot Roxx come on guys give it up. Teasers…what’s the deal???

Seriously guys what is the deal? Since MD6 left the market I had to resort to buying crap. What is up with the new products? What are the ingredients? When can I buy them? I am ging into hypertrophy for 6-8 weeks (starting Feb. 16th) and HOPE they are out by the time I am ready to begin cutting. Drop some more hints! How long is a “few weeks?”

I agree! Throw us a bone for Christ sake!

Christ Almighty, I posted about the new products on the forum like 3 times without an answer. Now we get a teaser with no info. Come on guys, throw us a frikin bone here.


Is hot roxx the same product as MDX I saw listed on the back of Muscle and Fitness???
PLEASE TELL US FOR LOVE OF GOD… Sorry I’m a tad bit of a biotest nut.

What ?!<>

Come on one responce won’t kill you guys…
U know we will bw buying it asap.

Wow. Some of you fellas are really spoiled.

SPOILED? How so? Just cause were in hurry to give biotest our money?

Go Big-

I spoke to Biotest customer service 2 wks ago, yes Hot Rox is the new fat loss product. Is to be released by late Feb. early March unless they were able to speed up the labels that said “Hot Rox” instead of “MD-X”. No kidding, that was the reason I was given, waiting on new labels. No word on “Red Kat”.

I could be wrong but most companies wait for the big trade shows to release new products and I think the West Coast one is coming up in late February or early March. Just a guess.

If Red Kat contains the herb that I think it does, than it has incredible potiential. Should work synergistically with Tribex or replace it. AJ

Hey AJ,
What jerb is that?

I’m thinking it could be Tongkat Ali, it seems help produce testosterone in the body without side effects. Due a search on Tongkat Ali on the net, seems very interesting. I have asked Tim and Biotest for a response on this thru emails, but no response yet. Should go nice with Tribex or maybe it will replace it, I hope it doesn’t since I have a stockpile of Tribex. :slight_smile: AJ

Good news T-folk,

  Info should be coming out in a few weeks on the ingredients listing of Red Kat and Hot-Rox as per Biotest.

  It will work thru a different mechanism then Tribex, so they can be stacked together for maximum testosterone production.  AJ 

Hopefully the info is soon damnit!!! Im getting impatient.


I wonder why none of the new boxes say “BIOTEST” anywhere on them.

I was also thinking it was Tongkat Ali. It is a potent test increaser (something like 400% increases in rats who ingested it). I’m excited too and can’t too find out!

Thanks AJ! I’ll look it up.

Fat burners and t-boosters are all fine and dandy, but what I’m really waiting for is Spike! I can’t wait to get my hands on some right after my supply of Red Bull runs out!

I am waiting for the Biotest super pheromone that causes women to become wild sex craved animals.

Oh wait, that was just a daydream