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RED KAT/Carbolin 19/Methoxy-7 Stack


Ok, I know threads like this are probably all over but I wanted some opinions or advice on whether this is a good stack for adding and maintaining the muscle and ripping off the fat.

I'm 5'7" weighing 220 with BF probably in the high 20s.

I'm looking to mainly get the fat off of my body. I eat pretty clean now and work out about 4 days a week.

I'm planning to start ABBH1 in a week. So I'm wanting to know if the stack of RED KAT/ Carbolin 19 / Methoxy-7 would be a good stack to reach my goals. I want to drop about 40 lbs. while maintaining muscle. I need to be at 180.


RED KAT and Carbolin 19 should not be taken together due to the sclaramax (sp?). If your goal is fat loss stick with a clean diet and add in HOT-ROX to speed things up. HOT-ROX cuts fat MUCH faster than Carbolin 19. Methoxy-7 will not help you lose much fat if any at all. Thats not what its meant to do.



That's an interesting opinion. It's exactly opposite of what I've heard from every other individual I've asked on this site. Thanks for letting me know your thoughts.


I dont know why someone would tell you different? RED KAT and Carbolin 19 both have vasodilatory effects and shouldnt be used in conjunction with one another. Methoxy-7 is a muscle hardner for lack of a better term. Its a great product but you're not going to come 1/100th close to the fat burning effect of HOT-ROX in Methoxy-7.

If you're carrying a lot of extra fat and have a good/decent base then HOT-ROX/good diet is easily the way to go.


To the best of my knowledge, and there is an article on this site dealing with it, the results of Methoxy-7 are typically(over the course of 3 months) a small increase in LBM and a small decrease in Body Fat. I suppose if you coupled that with HOT-ROX you would do well, assuming HOT-ROX works like its suppose to(I'm taking some right now, but who's to say it actually works)


You think it'd be ok to stack RED KAT and HOT-ROX?


To get rid of fat rapidly, stack HOT-ROX and Methoxy-7. They compliment each other nicely. It has been warned to not take RED KAT and HOT-ROX together because of the Sclaremax, but individual tolerances vary. I find that RED KAT/Carbolin 19/Methoxy-7 induces a shift in body comp favoring adding muscle and subtlely losing fat. Actually Carbolin 19 and Methoxy-7 are a great combo. The RED KAT or even Alpha Male is good to get that aggressive mental strength.

But if you are worried about losing fat foremost, use HOT-ROX and Methoxy-7. The combo is pretty impressive. MJ is seeing a nice reduction in body fat while on these two.