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RED KAT - Alpha Male - Carbolin 19


I've tried to look through the product threads but I'm having a difficult time telling what effects each of these have and why one should be picked over the other.

It appears that RED KAT and Alpha Male do almost the same thing, but RED KAT is much less expensive.

Could someone give a breif summary of what each one does?






Alpha Male is basically a combination of RED KAT and TRIBEX.


I have seen the product threads. I'm still left unclear as to the difference between them. Plus the carbolin one is 25 pages long.. I can't spend a week reading it.

From what I can tell RED KAT and Alpha Male both increase testosterone production, anything else? I think Carbolin 19 does that also but has a fat burn property, unsure if the others have that also.


Carbolin 19 is a non-steroidal anabolic compound. It was designed to increase lean body mass and decrease fat mass, and as an added benefit, may increase testosterone production to a moderate degree in males.

RED KAT and Alpha Male were designed to increase your own body's testosterone production. Alpha Male is a combination of the active constituents from both RED KAT and TRIBEX. It's the better choice in my opinion.

Hope this helps.


Cy that does help. In my efforts to grow and lose fat, would you say Carbolin 19 is the better choice? When would Alpha Male be the better choice?

I suppose Alpha Male might be more for older gents??


Carbolin 19 would be the better choice in your case.

Alpha Male would be the better choice in a situation where you may feel that you need an increase in testosterone levels, whether you think they may be declining due to age or other outside factors such as chronic stress.


That is what I was trying to figure out. Thanks.