Red Instead of Vascular While Working Out?

Im sure most people get a mixture of both, as do I. However when I do cardio before my workout I get very red and stay that way through lifting until I exit the gym. My skin gets puffy and red and I cant get a pump (veins bulging ect).

When I dont do cardio, I am more likely to get a pump and look better in the gym haha. Its strange because it should seem that while doing healthy cardio, one would look more “healthy”.

However, my lifting buddy who is asian (I am white) always gets terrific vascularity and never gets that red even after doing cardio. He is by no means in better shape than me, although he certainly looks like it.

So in summary…

  1. what determines how red and puffy you get as opposed to vascularity and relatively paler skin
  2. What determines when you will get a pump
  3. Why are some people different than others
  4. Does it have anything to do with the shape that you are in?

That’s strange…I don’t turn red either.

well you are black (I think??) so it wouldnt happen/ wouldnt be easy to see. I know its just blood flowing to muscles/extremities but clearly in one case its traveling along the surface and in the other through veins

why are you doing cardio before your workout? I’d say it’s likely that you’re not properly hydrated if you’re turning red.

and lol@Prof X…

Could be many things, Excess iron, reduced melanin, Hypercarbia, Bronchitis even.

Do your cardio AFTER your workout. And hydrate yourself properly before during and after your workout.

I typically turn purple after a workout.

[quote]WP wrote:
I typically turn purple after a workout.[/quote]

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High blood pressure?

My workout partner always turns bright red as soon as we start lifting, it’s pretty funny.

[quote]WP wrote:
I typically have purple drank after a workout.[/quote]


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  1. Cardio->->->vasodilation->puffy lobster
  2. Pump=/=bulging veins
    weight*TUT->nice pump
    flexing your muscles while working them and forcing the blood to travel through superficial veins->bulging veins
  3. C’mon SON!
  4. No. But good luck seeing bulging veins is you’re very fat.

Don’t be a fucking pussy doing cardio before your workout, be a man, lift like you mean it, get some adrenaline in there and there will be more blood in your muscles and less near your skin, due to them there alpha-2 receptors. Then do some cardio if you must.

I once turned green…
…but you probably wouldn’t like that very much…

I turn red too if I hold my breath