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Red Inflamed SubQ Injection Site with Rash

I started SubQ injections 3 weeks ago and it seems like I am allergic to the Sesame Seed Oil Testosterone. I get a wicked itching rash (feels like poison ivy) and a hard lump under the skin. It took a couple days for them to show up so I now have 3 of them. I’ve stoped injections and I have Grape Seed Oil Testosterone on the way.

How do I get rid of these lumps and rash? I’m going out of my mind! They are driving me crazy!

Benadryl will help. And time.

I do not like SC injections for this reason. No matter what, I get lumps and blood.

Sesame is really thick, if your doing SC you will want grapeseed oil as a carrier.

You could be right too, you could be mildly allergic to sesame.

Some guys just get lumps injecting Sub-Q, IM has less problems.

Are you injecting slowly?

The doctor thinks it is an allergic reaction because its fairly common with Sesame seed. If it wasn’t itchy and a rash I would think maybe I’m injecting too fast and it’s pooling but its itchy as hell. I took Benadryl but it knocks me out tired. I have some Benadryl cream on the way. I do SubQ because I hate needles enough, I will not be putting the 1 inch 18 gauge into myself…

18 gauge? Crikey mate thats a harpoon! lol

25 gauge 1 inch is sufficient.

I’m doing 28g 1/2 subQ and I’d like to stick with that if possible… If I do it on my delt is that enough to be IM?

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Yea sure, the truth is it really doesn’t matter that much SC or IM, it all goes to the same place. In fact surprisingly SC can make you aromatize less.

It is just about the swelling/irritation. Whatever works is best, don’t overthink it. If you inject and you don’t get swelling then stick with it.

I would get some T with grapeseed too, it is much thinner and much less irritating.

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Grape Seed is on the way but for now this itching and these lumps are out of control. Not sure what to do. Taking Benadryl and lathering on Benadryl cream as well but I’m going out of my mind itching.

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Try zyrtec it may work better

Grape seed didn’t change a damn thing. Just the same as before. Welts like normal.

Rub the area after you inject. Its the only way I got rid of the lumps. I would put my finger on the injection site for about 15 seconds, then wait a few then rub site for 2 mins, then again after 20 mins or so, another 2 mins. Never had a lump again after I started doing that.

I wonder if it could be the added preservative, you could prick yourself and not inject anything to see if it’s just a immune reaction.

Maybe I’ll try again. Is my gauge needle too small? I know there are lots of opinions on this. The itching welts just drive me out of my mind for a week straight then it’s just a hard lump for another week before it finally goes away. I’m hesitant to risk it. Does rubbing it really cure this problem?

Are you allowing the alcohol to dry before injecting?

it did for me. If I don’t rub I end up with a red welt. lump that lasts for about a week.

It makes a huge difference for some guys. Something bout the way the depot diffuses, or in your case does not diffuse through the tissues.

Yes, I’ve been giving the site about a minute or so to dry- I think that’s enough. I’ll try rubbing the hell out of it next time and see how it goes. Hopefully it really is the miracle fix.

update… I have done 3 injections in quad with half inch needle and they went way better. It’s IM, I know and they still each bruised. Oddly enough I’m ok if they just bruise - sounds weird but the welts and rashes were out of hand! The last quad injection I must have hit a nerve and it hurt like a B**CH so last night I decided to try subQ into the love handle again… pinned - no pain, injected 30mL slowly (doing 3 injections a week instead of 2), rubbed it for 2 minutes on the dot, went and got an ice pack and iced it - all good… UNTIL THIS MORNING I HAVE A NODULE! @#$%^&*(

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Do the ventro glute, that is the best spot to inject subcutaneous or intramuscularly.

I hate injecting anywhere else, but over the years I have developed some scar tissue and have to inject tri and glute as well.

The ventro glute can hold up to 6ml, it is the least sensitive place to inject by far. This is where they give women big depot injections.