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Red Ginseng Anyone?


So I've been looking into this herb all morning since I found an interesting article about it. From what I've read it seems to be a great supp for sexual performance enhancement, vasodilatation (better pumps) and overall well being.

So I was wondering if anyone here has tried it and wouldn't mind sharing his/her experience.

Also, does anyone know a good brand?


I was reading the study http://www.jurology.com/article/S0022-5347%2805%2964298-X/abstract about how Red Ginseng improved impotence. I can't say that I suffer from that, but it's a nice plus I suppose. the study is hilarious. They measured "penile tip rigidity on RigiScan." I wouldn't mind a Korean nurse (study was korean) measuring my tip rigidity with Rigiscan.

Good shit. I can't say exactly what if anything Ginseng in general does for me, but the science is good on it (ginseng in general). I take a mixed ginseng product as an adaptogen at times, so I can't talk about experience with Red Ginseng specifically.

I didn't previously know anything about Red Ginseng (I should say I don't remember anything about it, because I've probably read about it a time or two -- I think I forgot to take my Ginko Biloba), but I just was reading on it and it has a pretty high concentration of something called falcarinol which has reported anticancer properties (in rats anyway). It's a natural pesticide that keeps fungus from attacking the roots. Fungus (susceptibility to fungal/yeast infections) is also thought to be a cause of or indicator of cancer/cancer risk. Interesting. I thought pesticides were bad though. Hmm. I guess this stresses the liver or what not differently then other man made pesticides. That kind of makes me want to research this more.


Hahaha hilarious...

So what brand of Ginseng blend do you use? What varieties does it have in it?


I used to do the red korean stuff.

I noticed a difference in energy level. But I can't afford to do everything, so when I started HOT-ROX, I dropped it.


The blend I use is by NSI -- per 2 caps it's got: American Ginseng Extract(5% ginsenosides)(root) 200 mg; Ashwagandha Root 200 mg; Eleuthero Extract (0.8% eleutherosides)(root) 200 mg; Korean Ginseng Extract (30% ginsenosides)(root) 200 mg


Ginseng is a fascinating herb. I've used American, Siberian, and Korean for extended periods. (Bulletproof's formula has Ashwagandha in it and I've no experience with that). Each has it's own distinct properties and you should try them as stand alone supplements to learn how they affect you. From what I remember, Korean (red) has a stimulant effect, American a calming effect and Siberian is somewhere in between. All had wonderful sexual side effects. If I had to pick one, it would be Siberian (then American). I used a brand called Cybergin (or maybe Sibergin). The caplet was half yellow and half brown (this was the best I could find, but that was 10+years ago). Ultimately I'd say ginseng is an optional supplement. And beware - there is a lot of shit ginseng out there. Try to find a good source (yes it's going to be more expensive).