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Red face


Today i went to the gym and when i about two sets into my workout my cheeks and nose got really red and warm. What could this be. Im not taking anything with naicin in it which is know to cause this. I think it maybe lack of water or food in my system. Im usually well hydrated before my workouts and today i didn't consume my normal amount. So if anyone could help me with this i would appreciate it


Maybe it?s overthinking. Seriously, if it didn?t hurt i don?t see the need to worry. Did you have blood vessels, or something weird?

Try eating a big plate of hot mashed potatoes and then look your face at the mirror.





no...it wasn't. Taht never happens. even during intense sessions


When I am really tired my face sometimes gets red and hot, especially if I exert myself. I don't know what it means, but it's an idea. Were you tired?


my dick gets red when i jack off. that however doesnt stop me.


yeah a bit. but i think it was just lack of water. Tampa-Terry, your assistance is needed


Jake, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I don't know what's going on. Niacin was my first thought, but you eliminated that as a possibility.

Sometimes things happen to us that are out of the norm and they never happen again. Just follow your normal routine (of hydration and eating as it relates to working out) and see if it happens again.

The flushing is probably just your body regulating temp. I just have no idea why your temp went up that your body needed to respond in that way. Let's just hope it was a fluke.