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Red Dragon

Excellent. Fine performances by all, and they only changed the book enough to add some Hannibal. Emily Watson is very appealing as the “love interest”, Harvey K is great as always, Ed Norton somehow makes you forget he is a bit of a weenie, and Hopkins is better than ever. Watson and Rlph Fiennes create a really creepy couple, and if the role was bigger, I could see Watson in line for an Oscar. If you liked “Silence of the Lambs” you will like this one too. MUCH better than Hannibal. Lecter fans will not be disappointed.

I will agree Norton is a bit of a weenie but check him out in “American History X.”

Wasn’t Francis Dolarhyde supposed to be like 270 pounds? In the movie Ralf barely looks like a body for lifer let alone a 270 pound monster. I have not read the book so can you clarify this for me?

I’m not to interested in Red Dragon. the movie was made in 1985 and was titled Manhunter. Anthony Hopkins didn’t play the role of Lecter then. I thought it was an excellent sleeper movie. Since then of course, with Silence such a big hit, I think someone thought of a way to make a cheap 200 million$.

Ahh, the always great Brian Cox was Hannibal in Manhunter. Mr. Cox will soon be seen in X-Men 2 as the Big Bad. Also, the cinematographer that was for Manhunter was also the cinematographer for Red Dragon. Have not seen Red Dragon, don’t know when I’ll have the time. But I am making the time for this week’s release of The Transporter. Yeah, baby.

Can someone answer the questions in my post?

He was meant to be huge, but I think Hollywood shy away from someone big and musclebound in order to have someone with more “presence.” Frankly brawn isn’t en vogue on screen anymore.