Red Dots on Hands and Feet?

Alright, so last night I started noticing these small red dots on the surface of my fingers palms, fingers, and soles of my feet. No bumps, just small red spots that are 2 mm in diameter at most. Whenever I touch anything with these surfaces, I get that pins and needles feeling, like after your leg falls asleep. Throughout the day I’ve noticed a few new spots appear. I don’t know if it’s related, but on Monday I had a sore throat and pretty bad fever (above 39 degrees). The fever broke on the same night, and after Tuesday the general feeling of sickness passed, so all I’m left with is a mild sore throat. My diet hasn’t really changed; I’ve had mostly eggs, ground beef, fruits and vegetables these past few days. Any ideas what it could be? Thanks in advance.

Go to the doctor. That could be coxsacki virus, aka the hand foot and mouth disease. Very contagious.

Thanks dmaddox. I just got off the phone with my doctor and she also thinks it’s HFMD. Hopefully it clears up by next week.

sometimes i get a little patch of red dots on my forearm, no bigger then a half dollar and dots not bumps. Happens after i take a high caffiene supplement or if i get nervous in school.

it’s weird, nothing really to help out the OP though.

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I lol’d. Somehow I was expecting that.