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Red Dead Redemption 2


I had to search online to find out how to save.

I ended up doing a mini rampage, then having to pay off the 300 bounty. Still playing that game. Not a big deal really. I was going to play as an asshole anyway.


You definitely get a ton of bang for your buck in terms of gameplay hours, but it’s looking to be a game that cares a lot more about the worldbuilding and immersion than the actual game itself. Still good, but a potential slog.

Also, no fast travel is a hilariously bad decision in such a gargantuan map. Same issue I had with GTA V; so many missions just end up as “drive/ride to this location over the course of 20 real-time minutes” which is not fun.


I agree. The long horse rides are getting tiresome, not to mention, my thumb, jesus.

You can upgrade your camp to use fast travel, but only from that location (WTF)!


There’s fast travel. You have to find a coach and pay a small fee and it’ll take you to any previously discovered location.


I enjoy the fact i can’t fast travel.

The world created is so beautiful that it simply needs to be appreciated in every way.

You see a plume of smoke… off you venture to investigate. Next thing you know you’ve plugged some cunt full of lead and are off on a wild goose chase trying to catch the ‘witness’ to your dastardly crime…

It’s wee things like this that warm my gaming heart.

I found that fast travel forces you into this ‘must complete quickly’ mentality where you’re just juggernauting your way through the game.

It’s good to have a game where you can just relax and experience it in all it’s true glory


I do enjoy the rides through the country. Definitely a good opportunity to explore and get into trouble.

But being able to fast travel would be nice…

Hey @usmccds423 where can you find a coach? or is it just anywhere?


I’ve just made it to Victory (I think that’s what the first town is called?) and saw one there. I think you can see them on your map too. If I remember correctly it was on the south end of town.


Gonna check today. I think its called Valentine.


4K TV arrived today

Holy fuck

The graphics are insane. Life like.

The visuals on a normal tv was like playing it underwater. Even the wee map is completely different. Loving this game. It’s overwhelming at times


Once you start playing, it starts to make sense what needs to be done and isn’t so overwhelming.

4k is a must. Bro go on some rampages in first person. you wont be disappointed.


You can also fast travel through the train stations


I figured that out. There is also a way to “fast travel” using the cinematic mode. Its more like an autopilot than an actual fast travel though.


Never found that stagecoach though…


Just outside of Whiterun.
Wait… damnit.


What’s your gaming rig like? I can understand processor ghz, ram, SSD’s and stuff. But graphics cards have this numbering system that’s Greek to me.


I think they’re the train stations in some towns and actual coaches in others.


AHH. cool. thanks


lol … the only game I’ve played is Civ VI … just on my lap top. I’m not really sure what a gaming rig is


What were the 30s like, oldman?