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Red Dead Redemption 2


If it’s legit as good as GTA V, this game is in the running for GOY.


Red Dead Redemption was legit better than any iteration of GTA to that point when it came out … that game was so much fuckin’ fun and interesting … and GTA was fucking great … my favorite is a toss up between San Andreas and Vice City


Ha! Only reason I got a PS4 was to play Fortnite (because it’s free) with my friends, was always an XBox guy prior to that.


GTA V is fantastic and GTA Online is wild. I can’t wait to see how Red Dead’s version of GTA online plays out.

I love my xbox, I just think it’s gone in the wrong direction. Microsoft has spent too much time trying to push it as this entertainment hub or whatever. They seem to have forgotten about having good games… PS4 exclusives crush Xbox, imo.

*I think the interface was better on the 360 too.


I miss the Halo series…good lord I had so much fun playing those… sigh


Halo is a good series for sure.


I just wanted Spider-Man…


It’s a lot of fun. :smiley:


Just forked out for a 4K TV, XBox 1 X and a copy of this game.

I told my missus about the TV however have failed to mention the console purchase. She is going to be fucking raging :joy::rage:


I love this post. Probably because I haven’t the balls to pull something like that, lol.


I won’t have any balls left when the Xbox gets delivered tomorrow :sob:


I just spent 20 minutes watching people get kicked in the face by their horses in RDR2.


Quick bitch session: Takes forever to walk/run anywhere, You HAVE to keep pressing A/X even on long horse rides. Kinda annoying…

The only other complaint is that there is so much to do , I don’t know where to start.

Also, I want to just kill people, but not sure how it is going to affect the rest of the game lol.


Yeh, the game world is very large, probably not as large as GTA V’s map though and from where I’m up to so far I don’t think fast travelling is an option, which makes exploration takes a very long time since there’s quite a few regions and to GALLOP from one region to another seems to take 10-15mins. Despite the map not being as big as GTAV (at least I assume it isn’t) it feels much larger, more diverse (regions), probably because you can’t zoom around at 100+MPH.

You’re honor stat will be super low lol, it’ll probably influence missions, the way people treat you and the games ending if there’s multiple endings (probably is). It’s a very slow paced game, but it’s beautiful and fun to play despite the fact that shootouts seem to be 1 hr+ apart from each other and only last a couple of minutes. I’m 8 percent through the main story, I’ve probably gotten about 5 hours playing through the game since it’s come out. I’ve also played a few side missions, done some random stuff, so the main story may very well be around 60 hours to play through.

On a side note I love the snow effects in the game as well as the dynamic injury mechanics. In GTA V If I shot someone in the same place the bullet wound wouldn’t change, in RDR 2 the bullet woulds dynamicly change, and if one keeps shooting the same area (head, limb etc) the area will either explode or detatch from the body! Feels very… sphaghetti westerny, I play it in first pirson only, how do you guys play it (for anyone else who has it)


Create 2 saves … one for real game play and the other for straight up murdering bitches


Xbox and game have arrived

Think I’ve just done a sex pee :sweat_drops:


can you do that? I’m no good with saving and stuff, I just know how to play the game.


I mean, I haven’t played a console video game in like 5 years or so … but on the older generations you could have multiple saves so I’d imagine on the new generation consoles you can do the same. Just make sure you make the save names blatantly obvious … like “Straight Murder Bitches” for the murder spree game and just like “Straight Game Play” for the straight game play


Probably, but every time you manually save you’d have to save twice. Autosave should be fine as long as you’re on the right file.

I’m just installing it now, but probably won’t get to play until tonight and just for a bit.

I’d be surprised if there isn’t fast travel I think it’s supposed to be bigger than gta5.


I’m absolutely impressed with this game. I haven’t been this stoked or excited to play a game in a long time. Maybe since I was a kid. Unlike the past open world/GTA style games, this one really is the complete package.

The gore mechanics are impressive. The attention to detail makes the game in my opinion. Coolest things I have encountered so far.

-Rampages need to be done in first person ( I use to get bored with the old GTA games after rampaging for a few mins, this one I can get into)

-Shooting a slug into a horses chest causes it to spring a blood leak and it slowly bleeds to death. Pretty graphic.

-Taking off peoples arms, legs with shotgun.