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Red Dead Redemption 2

Anyone else get the pre-order? My file was like 80 GB, but ill be ready to play Thursday at 9pm. Wasn’t really that excited until now.

I just pre-ordered it yesterday. I don’t play that often these days, but I’m pretty stoked for this.

I thought about plunking down for a console just to play this game, but I’m just going to have to wait for it on PC.

Bro, your horses testicles will change size depending on the weather. HOW CAN YOU WAIT FOR SUCH A MASTERPIECE!!


I pre ordered and pre loaded, I am NOT gonna be downloading a 80-100GB file on game day.

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xbox one s is super cheap, like 200 or less I think.

So am I, and I’ve been playing way too many video games lately. Stupid foot sprain. One of these days I"m going to hobble downstairs and do some dumbbell bench or something…



I stopped playing video games completely, because I found them to be a waste of time despite the entertainment value (as in when playing video games I got nothing productive done) howeeeevvvvver for RDR2 (and TLOU2) I’m going to be setting aside a large portion of time to specifically play these games because they, aside from fallout 3 and NV were my favourite games, to say I’m excited for RDR2 is an understatement! It also appears as if they’re not going to fuck it up with a sole focus on online shit and microtransactions.


Don’t read into this, but when you get older and you spend 85+% of your time being productive or doing things you have to do, playing a mindless video game can be productive in that it helps you relax, bond with friends (if you play online), and re-charge your batteries so you can continue to be productive. It’s hard to see that when you don’t have that kind of daily pressure on you.

Of course, you can substitute video games for a lot of activities. Watching TV, reading Twilight, etc…


There is a leaked clip on youtube. I think its 26 seconds long. Looks pretty cool, some people are ripping it apart though. I guess it hasn’t been patched yet either though.

I don’t have hours and hours to play like I use to. Usually 1 hour every other day or so. Ill probably binge this one for a few weeks though. Then get bored with it like I always do and go back to PUBG.

I’m right there with you on this … I told my wife I might have to get a console just for this game … BUUUUUT I doubt I will - too damn busy with stuff and thangs man

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I asked my son the other day if he was ready to get handled in Super Smash Brothers (he’s 3)… He said he was not, fml…


I’m assuming I’ll most likely be getting one of the next generation consoles when my son is old enough … I will not, however, let him play as much as my parents let me play (basically unfettered access). I agree with your assessment about it being good bonding/having a place/function for a healthy person (stress relief, etc).

However, as with most things, which I know you agree with, there is too much of a good thing and vidya games is one of those things that’s easy to overindulge in…of course, however I want him to learn self control so, at some point it’ll be a soft rule once he’s able to exhibit his ability to self-regulate himself…


Absolutely. In particular, I want my kids outside even if they’re the only kids in the neighborhood out there. It’ll be a bummer if they’re the only kids outside, but I don’t want them glued to the TV/games all the time.

My stepson’s almost 18 and he only really played NHL and Madden, and sparingly at that. He spent a lot more time playing actual hockey, which we’ve had him in since he was 7.

He got hooked on Fortnight this summer and it was strange to see him get into a game like that. All his friends were online too so they would just hang out online and play late into the nights all summer long.

At an age where he’s got a lot of freedom it’s nice to know where he’s at and what he’s up to, but the whole summer I was thinking “don’t you have any keg parties you should go to or something?”.

It’s senior year and midget hockey time now though, HS hockey is coming right up too. Not much time left for games.

RDR2 gameplay has been leaked.

https://www.reddit.com/r/reddeadredemption/comments/9qtsiu/horse_taking_a_shit_leaked_gameplay_spoiler/ (this one is a horse taking a shit)

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Yea I watched a combined 30-40 mins maybe? Looks really cool.

Of course, it looked like someone filmed it with Vaseline all over the lens.


You’re really getting me stoked man … I am so close to going to get a console right meow … is it only on XBox or does Playstation also have it … I realize i’m on the internets can do an internet serach of the query but fuck that, ya’ll are waaaay smarter than google and respond sooo much faster

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PlayStation has it and I think you get exclusives/earlier release of new content. I bought in on Xbox because my gay friends all play on Xbox even though PS4 has crushed xbox this gen, but they’re dumb…

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